Closed to Open Stairs | Replacement Staircase

Changing a Closed Staircase to an Open Staircase

A lot is possible from a staircase renovation… but not the ability to change a closed staircase to an open staircase, the manufacture is completely different and this would be unable to function. If you wish to convert a closed staircase to an open staircase,  a full replacement is required. This is the story of Mr and Mrs Hull replacing their old staircase for a new designer staircase.

The original staircase was in full working order but did not offer the open aesthetic that the Hull family craved for their entrance hallway. Since a complete renovation was planned it made sense to remove the staircase and replace with a design that could suit their taste in every way, as all our staircases are customisable. Once we have seen photos of the existing staircase we put together a CAD package of visuals for the customer to see their staircase before they buy. This is standard practice for First Step Designs, a service that no other staircase company offer upon an inquiry basis.

Upon a consultation we are able to explore alternate designs and variations of the design to ensure that the staircase is 100% what our client is looking for. The interactive method of our design allows all clients to create their own bespoke staircase, an original and enjoyable experience for all. Once the design is complete the same designer surveys the property and returns to the office to create the final manufacture drawings for approval, similar to the ones below.

The typical installation of a new staircase can be complete in as little as 48 hours, but this particular project took three days to full completion. However, the staircase was safe to use within the first day, meaning there is no need for hotels or camping downstairs for the evening. We even take the old staircase away, free of charge for disposal (unless you have a log burner).

Open Plan Staircase Design

  • 32mm European White Oak Strings
  • 32mm European White Oak Anti Slip Treads
  • 90×90 Newel Posts with machined feature caps
  • Contemporary hand and base rails
  • Toughened and polished glass balustrades
  • Two Large feature bullnose steps.

Many of the features such as handrails, newel posts, newel caps, glass colours, timber colours, fixings are all available in a range of styles. Get in touch to book a consultation to see all these styles!

The original staircase featured an awkward bottom two steps where tread two sat awkwardly past the wall. The freedom of replacement staircases allows us to get creative in these areas and put together solutions as opposed to compromises.

Want to open up your staircase to allow light to flood through your hallway?

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