Firs Road

A contemporary take on a timelass classic for the Wallace family.

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Project Overview

Cut string details made from complete solid oak.

For the Wallace staircase, every single component was crafted from solid oak to ensure a consistent grain pattern throughout, including the treads, risers, and strings, even with the painted finish. The thick 32mm European white oak treads give each step a bold and eye-catching appearance from every angle. We extended this design around the entire well opening as a nosing detail, framing the hallway beautifully.


32mm Oak




20mm Steel




Custom Curved details

Watch a complete bespoke staircase design and build

The continuous handrail challenge is never 'off the shelf'

Many clients desire a continuous handrail, but it's important to understand that to achieve this, the spindles must serve as the structural support for the balustrade. In conventional staircases, structural posts are responsible for this. However, when designing continuous handrails, we need to source our structural support from elsewhere. Each spindle is custom-designed to fit the space and seamlessly integrated into the entire staircase structure to maintain consistency throughout.


The Challenge

Custom designed and crafted curved components to ensure a smooth and seamless journey.

While all our balustrades are tailor-made, in this case, we aimed for maximum space between each spindle while still meeting regulatory standards. These placements have a significant impact on the overall railing system, and we meticulously designed all our curved components to seamlessly harmonize with these specified distances.


The Solution

Helen 2018

Words from the client

"So many companies use newel posts everywhere and I just wanted an elegant continuous balustrade. First Step offered a solution making each spindle structural and the finish is exactly what I always wanted"

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