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Elevate Your Home with Intriguing Cantilever Staircases: With or without a structural wall.

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Floating Staircases: What you need to know

Floating staircases that appear to hang in mid-air make a statement unmatched by other types of stairs; however, they require thorough planning to get right. For new homes, First Step Designs consults with architects and contractors to offer guidance on selecting the ideal wall specification to support the staircase’s load effectively. For existing structures being renovated, we present alternative solutions to facilitate the installation of these staircases. Commencing planning at the earliest opportunity is essential to guaranteeing optimal results.


The Benefits

Why choose a Floating Staircase

Few interior design trends can match the impact that open-plan living has had, and a floating cantilever staircase is the ultimate open-plan living must-have. Meticulously designed, expertly fabricated, and professionally installed floating staircases offer a unique touch where the only visible structural element is the actual treads. With no structural pieces blocking light or line of sight, they create feelings of space and openness that other stairs simply can’t.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal and jaw-dropping effect when seen for the first time, floating staircases can significantly increase a property’s value. Although they are more costly and time-consuming to install, their universal appeal and luxurious look make properties more attractive to potential buyers.

For a unique focal point that truly stands out from the crowd, invest in a floating cantilever staircase from First Step Designs.

Words from the designer

“Until you understand the engineering involved in the cantilever staircases, it really does baffle people as to how they work… But once we share our secrets, it appears so simple..”

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The Results

Floating glass staircases with custom finishes

Whether you prefer the sleek elegance of glass balustrades or the sturdy sophistication of steel, our floating staircases can be customized to perfectly complement your interior and furnishings. We meticulously design these balustrades to seamlessly integrate into the staircase structure, ensuring longevity and durability. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose from a wide array of colours, stains, and textures for all components, allowing you to create a staircase that truly reflects your style.

Our customisation options don’t stop there. Our design team has experience working with electricians to design floating staircases with accommodations for automatic lights and sensors, seamlessly integrating your stairs into your smart home ecosystem.

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Why Us

Why choose First Step Designs for your floating staircase?

Staircases of all kinds are deceptively easy to get wrong. Even a small design or manufacturing error could lead to irregular spacing and loose or dangerous stairs. When the entire structural part of the stairs has to be hidden from view, the window for error is so much wider. Designing and installing a floating staircase takes skill and experience that many small fabricators and contractors simply don’t have. 

As winners of the Best Joinery Product Award for our Roman Road project, being shortlisted for the best staircase on multiple occasions, and featuring as a contractor on Grand Designs, we can confidently say that with us, your stairs and vision for your home are in good hands.

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