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Elevate Your Home with Intriguing Cantilever Staircases: With or without a structural wall.

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Floating Staircases - What you need to know

Thorough planning is crucial for crafting a floating staircase. In the context of new construction, we offer guidance on selecting the ideal wall specifications to support the staircase's load effectively. When constructing a new wall isn't an option, as in renovation scenarios, we present alternative solutions to facilitate the installation of these staircases. Commencing planning at the earliest opportunity is essential to guaranteeing optimal results.


The Benefits

Cantilever staircases
- with no visible structure

Embracing open plan living is a popular trend in interior design. Our cantilever staircases offer a unique touch where the only visible structural element is the actual treads. We meticulously design and manufacture our complex steel structures to order, ensuring compliance with UK regulations while maximizing openness.

Words from the designer

“Until you understand the engineering involved in the cantilever staircases, it really does baffle people as to how they work… But once we share our secrets, it appears so simple..”

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The Results

Floating Glass Staircases
- Custom finishes

Whether you prefer the sleek elegance of glass balustrades or the sturdy sophistication of steel, our floating staircases can be customized to perfectly complement your interior and furnishings. We meticulously design these balustrades to seamlessly integrate into the staircase structure, ensuring longevity and durability. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose from a wide array of colors, stains, and textures for all components, allowing you to create a staircase that truly reflects your personal style.

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