Bespoke Staircases

We work with you to design and build your perfect staircase, crafting a focal point for your home.

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Why a designer staircase?

Your staircase is the first thing to welcome you home, unless the dog is quicker…

The staircase often stands as the largest piece of furniture within a home. It holds the potential to serve as the focal point, extending a warm and inviting "welcome home" greeting that leaves a lasting impression. No longer confined to the realm of everyday, run-of-the-mill staircases, this is your chance to fashion a distinctive statement piece within your home.


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We love to talk!

Talk to our team today, we love a phonecall, but if you prefer to email thats fine too.

You can use our Inspiration Gallery to save images of our work that you like and send in our contact form alongside any photos, architects plans or anything else that would be useful to chat through.


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Honest and transparent pricing

Once we understand your project and what you are looking to achieve from your staircase. We will provide an initial quotation to see if we are the right fit for your project.


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Let’s make something amazing

Depending if your home is ready for a visit, we will create a full 3D drawing package to bring your staircase to life in front of your eyes.

This includes timeline planning of when we should install your staircase.


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Bringing your staircase to life

Before manufacture it is likely we might survey your property once for renovations or twice for new build projects to ensure the designs are perfect. We then get to work creating your staircase.


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Like a glove!

Our talented team of installers from Staffordshire will be a pleasure to have in your home. With a wealth of experience within Joinery and Engineering your staircase will come to life usually between 2-4 days.

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Create a focal point that makes a lasting impression.

A custom-made designer staircase is a singular work of art, capable of enhancing the interior design of your home in a way that nothing else can. Crafted with exclusive designs and finishes that reflect your individuality, it is one-of-a-kind, with no replicas to be found. Our staircases often boast intricate layouts that guide your journey through the property, transforming each step into a visually captivating experience.

Words from the designer

“I've put in a solid 16 years working with staircases, and now that I'm part of First Step Designs, I finally have the freedom to create designs that are one of a kind. Seeing my designs take shape in the factory and come to life on site - it's an amazing experience.”

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The Results

We never create the same design twice, your staircase is yours. Marked with our seal of authenticity and a new member of our family.

Throughout the installation process, you'll experience a remarkable transformation in your space, and upon its completion, you can expect immense satisfaction. While we may not claim to be the largest company in the industry, our true strength lies in our ability to create something truly unique—a product that seamlessly becomes a part of the First Step Designs family, built to last for years. Join our family today; reach out to us with a call.

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Check out our Projects and Case Studies to see how we can transform your home.

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