The floating effect staircase, with no need of structural walls.

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Project Overview

Creating the floating effect, without the actual floating.

Most renovation projects do not have the structural wall for a true floating (Cantilever) staircase, so we developed our flawless central spine design that can create the floating effect whilst only being fixed at the top and bottom of the staircase. Available in all layouts, the central spine staircase is our most popular design.


Central Spine




12mm Toughened Glass


Deco Anthracite


Embedded End caps

An architectural steel production like no other.

Many attempts to replicate our design rely on standard steel box sections, often resulting in imprecise craftsmanship with visible welds. In contrast, our approach involves laser-cut precision and meticulous handcrafting, ensuring a seamless and weld-free finish. We strongly recommend visiting one of these homes to fully appreciate the level of skill and artistry that goes into its creation.


The Challenge

A split level opening tread with embedded glass detailing.

o make the most of a small riser leading to the living space door, we seized the chance to fashion a captivating wrap-around platform crafted from solid 112mm oak, infusing the staircase with added character. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we completed the staircase with end grain caps, creating the illusion of floating glass within the treads.


The Solution

Linda 2019

Words from the client

“The team at First Step Designs were lovely to work with, they had so many ideas and suggestions that made this process so enjoyable. The quality of the materials used is second to none, I love it!”

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