Terms & Conditions

Parking and access

  • We require close access to the property whilst undertaking this work. We ask that a parking spot is reserved next to the property for the duration of the installation. Parking permits must be provided by customer for fitter parking (please advise on which borough).


  • Our teams typically consist of between 2-4 people.

  • We require power on site for tools.

  • Most installations take between 2-5 days, our working hours are typically between 8am-6pm but these will vary due to location and type of project.

  • We require sufficient lighting to work, this must be provided on site.

  • Our team will require access to a toilet and washbasin during the duration of the installation.

  • We will need designated workspace for our teams to safely work, this is often done within our 5m x 3m canopy.

  • You understand that the named customer on the contract MUST be present at the completion of the project for the sign off of work complete.


  • We use real wood! All timber may vary in colour, shade and grain as it is a natural product and full of character.

  • Customer is aware of medullary rays in oak and that is not a fault in the timber.

  • There might be joints on cladding and mouldings needed on longer lengths. Inform/advise customer.

  • If balustrades pass by closely, there could be a dust trap. (If applicable we will make you aware of this).

  • Handrail heights will be set slight over the building regulation standard of 900mm. Unless specified otherwise.

  • Solid wood is used as staircase treads. This is not indestructible. We advise you to keep shoes off the staircase to ensure no damage, especially with stained finishes.

  • The customer is aware of where First Step Designs Ltd responsibility ends with regards to the union between trim end and plaster start i.e. if the trim will be short to the plaster.

  • Customer aware that First Step Designs Ltd are NOT responsible for electrical/alarm/plumbing directly attached to the staircase. If we are installing lighting, this is to be wired by the customer's electrician. Not part of our work.

  • If anything changes around the staircase area following our survey your MUST let us know with photos as a second survey might be required and you could get charged.

  • Glass without a handrail should be approved by building control prior to manufacture. We will provide drawings or approval upon order placement.

  • We always recommend a handrail not only for safety, but to help glass panels align effectively. Due to the toughened process glass panels can sometimes not line up perfectly without a rail.

  • Frameless glass balustrades with handrails are mitre cut, these look very attractive, but the edges can be quite sharp. Custom rounded rails are available at an additional cost if this is of concern.

  • Some designs can sit on top of the finish floor, whereas we advise others sit on a reinforced concrete slab installed by the client as part of a two stage installation. This will need to be filled with concrete by the client after the first fix.

  • Our staircases are made to be straight. If we sit against a wall or ceiling that is not straight, there will be potential plastering and decorating to take place by the customer for the desired finish. Otherwise this will be noticeable.


  • Customer understands that painted and stained products do will NOT withstand heavy duty use

  • Customer informed NOT to use furniture spray polish on ANY lacquered surfaces.


  • Customer has been made aware that there will be a noise from the power/hand tools.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a safe working area i.e. clean/safe access to and from work areas/pets. No other trades should be working in the staircase area or be using the staircase during our installation.

  • Although the staircase is fine to use during the installation, please give our teams room to work safely. There will be potential hazards around the staircase whilst we work. Always ask our team if the area is safe to walk through.

  • If our team believes it is not a safe working environment in compliance with our risk assessment, we will not continue the installation. You will be charged at a rate of £250 +VAT per day for delays caused. We will endeavour to return as soon as the home is safe to continue the work, but this will likely cause delays in your installation.

Survey Information

  • Customer is to confirm flooring, tile, carpet thickness. Once confirmed these CANNOT change.

  • If anything changes around the staircase area following our survey your MUST let us know with photos as a second survey might be required. If we are not told about changes, costs incurred will be charged to the client.

  • We require photos two weeks prior to installation to ensure you will be ready for the staircase installation on the agreed date.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure adequate structures are in place to support the staircase. Structural calculations are available at an additional cost.

  • We must be able to carry large staircases into the property. Entry access will need to be confirmed.

  • The well opening and ceiling should be straight. This is not our responsibility, upon installation if this is not straight there could be replastering and redecoration required for a better finish. This is the clients responsibility.

  • When choosing an installation date, be realistic. If you change the date 3 weeks prior, you could get charged for the installation at a rate of £250 +VAT per day required. We will endeavour to help shift installations to suit, but sometimes this is not possible. We work to a detailed schedule to ensure all projects are planned to precision.


  • The customer understands it is their responsibility that the carpet is removed prior to the installation First Step Designs Ltd do not refit carpets. We advise to not book your carpet for refitting until the work is complete.

  • The customer has been made aware that there might be no handrail or balustrade for a number of days at the start of the installation. The customer understands the safety risk here when undertaking this work.

  • Customer made aware that First Step Design Ltd are NOT responsible for repair to plasterwork

  • Customer aware that there will be an element of making good to decor (if redecorating FSD advise to prep area only)

  • The customer is aware of where First Step Designs Ltd responsibility ends with regards to the union between trim end and plaster start i.e. if the trim will be short to the plaster, if the ceiling is running out this will be clear.

  • Last tread transition discussed i.e. staying the same/carpet running over/ height of last tread on floor

  • Final payment is made to fitters on practical completion on the day of installation with signing of satisfaction note.

  • This must be the contract holder, no other family member or friend can do this.


What personal data we collect and why we collect it

To ensure you have the best experience of our services we may ask for your name, email address, billing & project addresses and phone number at the point of enquiry, order or signing up to our newsletter.. When placing an order we will also require your credit card details, the bank account used for the transfer or any other means of payment envisaged. The type of data collected by this application depends on the payment system used.

How do we use your personal information

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What rights you have over your data

If you enquire, order or sign up to a newsletter with us, you can request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about you, including any data you have provided to us. You can also request that we erase any personal data we hold about you. This does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Third party disclosure

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