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Make your staircase a talking point with our 48hr staircase renovation service.

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How we work

We stick to what we know, and we really know staircases.

Think about a staircase renovation as a cost-effective alternative to a full replacement. By replacing newel posts and balustrades and giving a fresh look to the strings, treads, risers, and other structural elements, we can revitalise your staircase into a showpiece that complements your home's existing design. By choosing to refurbish instead of rebuild, your home can boast a staircase that looks brand new without the cost, inconvenience, and mess of a complete replacement.


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Get a no-visit renovation quote within 24 hours

Visit our Inspiration Gallery and like the photos that inspire you. When you’re done, simply click on ‘See My Favourites’ to contact us through our portal.

We’ll get back to you to discuss your project and provide an accurate quotation within 24 hours, all without a visit to your home. 

Alternatively, give us a call at +44 1782 959300 to get started right away!


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Let’s make something amazing

Following a quotation a qualified designer will visit your home to survey your staircase and discuss final detailing and design options.

One visit it all we need, the next people you see will be our installation team!


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This is the fun part

After you've approved your installation drawings, we roll up our sleeves and start crafting. Some created by hand, while others benefit from cutting-edge production techniques.

We have a deep passion for creative woodworking


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A finish worth the wait

Our unique French Polishing studio allows us to create a range of beautiful finishes to complement your home.

Not only protecting the timber but enhancing its natural beauty in a range of colours and textures.


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Tea or Coffee?

Our experienced Staffordshire-based installation team will breathe new life into old stairs—professionally and the first time around—over the course of the next 48 to 72 hours.

Our 5-step process to professionally refurbished stairs couldn’t be simpler.

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The Benefits

Explore our wide range of designs to bring your old staircase back to life

While some designs are specifically suited for new staircases, we offer a wide range of designs and ideas that truly push the boundaries of staircase transformations. Our designs are custom-made to perfectly fit each client's space, ensuring a tailored solution. Choose from our extensive selection or let your imagination run wild, creating a unique staircase design that reflects your personal style and vision.

Don’t see yourself as a designer? Our talented in-house team of design experts have an eye for all things aesthetic and will gladly assist you in choosing the best stair renovation options for your home.


Why Renovate

Why renovate an old staircase?

Refurbishing or renovating a staircase is a big decision. In addition to the financial burden, you also have to consider the inconvenience and disruption it will cause. On the flip side, a refreshed set of stairs comes with a host of benefits:

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: Transform a dated interior into a stylish modern space that significantly improves a home’s overall look. With no limit to what we can design and fabricate, a renovated staircase can breathe new life into and old and tired living space. 
  • Increased home value: Refurbished staircases increase a home’s market value and make it more attractive to potential buyers if you plan to sell. This is especially true if the existing staircase is decaying or posing a health and safety risk.
  • Personalised space: Update your stairs in a design that suits your decor and styling preferences for a truly unique living space. Material choices make all the difference.
  • Improved safety: As with other structural elements in a home, stairs are subject to degradation over time. Replacing worn or loose tread, railings, and balusters reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Cost-effective home improvement: Compared to other major home renovations, such as replacing a roof, stair refurbishment can be a more affordable way to update your home. 

Words from the designer

“Until you understand the engineering involved in the cantilever staircases, it really does baffle people as to how they work… But once we share our secrets, it appears so simple.”

Meet the team

Let’s talk

Get in touch and let us show you how we can transform your home.


The Results

Your hallway is destined to become the centrepiece of your home.

Enhance your entrance hallway by completely revamping it, turning the most substantial furniture piece in your residence into a captivating focal point. Our staircase renovation service guarantees the ideal "welcome home" greeting you've always desired.

Want to see more?

Check out our Projects and Case Studies to see how we can transform your home.

Let’s start making something amazing

Contact our design team directly at 01782 959300 or through our portal for an obligation-free discussion on how we can help you refurbish your old stairs into a modern masterpiece.
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