Manor Farm Court

Infusing fresh life into a time-worn staircase with a striking and innovative opening tread feature.

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Project Overview

Oak and Glass staircase renovations within 48 hours.

With a remarkable track record, we take pride in our specialty of breathing new life into aging staircases. Our approach involves replacing the entire balustrade with tailor-made components, resulting in a uniquely personalized staircase masterpiece. This project was a delightful collaboration, with Mr. and Mrs. Glossop closely partnering with Adam.


6mm Oak


Solid Oak - Kerf Cap


Toughened and polished Glass


Oval Oak


Feature opening treads

Watch a complete bespoke staircase design and build

How can we create the illusion of more space?

The original staircase was enclosed by full balustrades on both sides, reaching all the way to the first step. This layout, upon entering the home, somewhat closed off the journey within the property. Understanding that building regulations generally require balustrades for heights exceeding 600mm, typically starting around the third step, we collaborated to align our design with this regulation, allowing for a more welcoming and open entryway.


The Challenge

Incorporating posts into the staircase with distinct feature treads.

By shifting the balustrade back to tread #2, we were able to fashion a wrap-around feature tread design, offering users a seamless transition onto the staircase without the need to navigate around the original posts (as demonstrated in the before-and-after slider).


The Solution

Martin 2018

Words from the client

"Adam came to our home with so many ideas, that we never even gave a though. We just wanted Oak and Glass instead of spindles, now we have a beautiful feature opening to our staircase. We love it!"

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