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Mr Faulkners visionary holiday home with a huge, curved and floating landing!

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Project Overview

The development of a technically sound, curved feature staircase.

Mr. Faulkner entrusted the First Step Designs team with the creative freedom to design a unique staircase tailored to his property. The curved opening posed several challenges, as we needed to devise an effective solution to achieve the desired floating effect without the presence of structural walls. The property boasts spectacular views, and as you descend the staircase, we leveraged the use of glazing to enhance and frame these breathtaking vistas.


Central Spine




12mm Toughened Glasss




Curved half landing

One of the most challenging measures to date.

Hidden within the thermalite walls, we encountered three structural steels that needed precise alignment to create the floating staircase effect. You can spot these small pockets in the installation photos. Planning the placement of these fixings to align with the staircase layout and the curvature of the wall presented an extreme challenge for our team. However, with the assistance of our digital measuring equipment, the installation process proved to be a breeze, as demonstrated in the video above.


The Challenge

Custom finishes, frameless glass and a slick motorbike (not included).

We applied a custom stain to all 110mm solid oak treads, ensuring it complimented the interior doors and architraves throughout the property. In addition, we installed toughened glass balustrades without handrails (although not recommended for safety reasons) to achieve a true frameless appearance. To enhance the staircase's floating effect, the steel was powder-coated in a matte white finish to harmonize with the surrounding walls.


The Solution

Geoff 2017

Words from the client

"Most companies would not even meet with us due to the complexity of our curved opening and support detailing. Adam performed a digital measure and set our minds at ease when we realised how this would work. The installation was on time and fit perfect as promised"

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