Mrs Kitcheners helical feature staircase wtihin a square opening.

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Project Overview

"I extended this space so that something special could be done"

As part of a large conversion project, Mrs. Kitchener intentionally kept the entrance hallway extra wide to accommodate a special, shallow-rising staircase. We wanted to create a truly grand and sweeping staircase that could cover the entire well opening without any limitations on tight curves or small, winding steps. The design was quite complex, but it turned out wonderfully!


Mild Steel




12mm Curved Glas


Oval Oak


Helical twisting handrail

Watch a complete bespoke staircase design and build

Almost too wide and too comfortble - as far as building regulations state.

Given the expansive space available, we had to push the boundaries of traditional staircase design to make it fit. This meant that the staircase came very close to not meeting standard regulations, with treads at the minimum riser height and treads at the maximum 'goings' typically allowed in domestic homes. The staircase also features an impressive width, exceeding 1400mm on the largest turns, creating substantial and eye-catching winder treads.


The Challenge

Our signature helical handrail feature is a standout element.

We believe the magic of curved staircases truly shines through in the balustrade design. We're fortunate to work with incredibly talented glass artisans who craft each panel to our exact vision. Paired with handrails featuring custom profiles, we can add those special, elegant touches right from the start, making the staircase something truly remarkable.


The Solution

Nicola 2020

Words from the client

"I approached several specalist companies who all wanted to convince me to go for square turns and that was not my vision. First Step Designs offered a design idea and delivered. Amazing work by all, involved."

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