Ashford Road

A double helical staircase nestled within the core of an Oakwrights timber-framed home.

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Project Overview

The entrance hallway that Mr Roles had always wanted - come to life.

We had an initial meeting with Mr. Roles long before the construction of his project began. During our discussions, he expressed his long-standing vision for a double staircase feature in his future property—a detail he was determined not to compromise on. However, the challenge was to make sure these staircases gracefully integrated with the timber structure of the home while maintaining an open and spacious feel at the front of the property.


12mm Mild Steel




12mm Curved Glass


Contemporary Oak


Helical flared openings

Curves that count - helical design.

Crafting this fluid shape presented several challenges. We aimed to establish a wider opening at the base of the staircase to achieve a flared effect without impeding the walkway to the front of the property. Simultaneously, we needed to wrap the inner face around the structural timber beam without creating a constriction point, all while maintaining a sleek and elegant appearance. Remarkably, this staircase comprises five different radius sections, which encompass glass, steel, and timber handrails—an impressive accomplishment indeed.


The Challenge

Perfect symmetry and detailing to stand the test of time.

While the timber-framed home may continue to settle for a few more years, these staircases are not going anywhere! The steel components are coated in white powder to seamlessly blend with the interior, placing the spotlight on the European White Oak treads. These treads create a symmetrical, floating effect that gracefully spans the entrance hallway. A real challenge and success story.


The Solution

John 2020

Words from the client

"The team were so easy to get along with, I even took the installation team for pizza one night. Their attention to detail and quality of work is second to none"

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