Banbury Barn

A Helical Masterpiece in the Heart of Oxfordshire: Mr. and Mrs. Bratt's Forever Home.

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Project Overview

A Central Focal Point in a Vast Open-Plan Living Space.

Nestled in the heart of Oxfordshire, Banbury Barn boasts one of the most expansive open-plan living areas we've had the pleasure to work with. The vast five-meter square floor opening has gifted us an exceptional canvas to showcase a stunning feature staircase.


Mild Steel




12mm Curved toughened Glass


Contemporary Oak


Flared opening detail

Watch a complete bespoke staircase design and build

Enhancing space and natural light in an entrance hall.

Banbury Barn showcases expansive glazing on every façade, saturating the interior with abundant natural light. Our challenge was to craft a seamless, open design that not only facilitated a comfortable ascent to the first floor but also preserved the spacious, airy ambiance created by the generous use of glazing throughout the home.


The Challenge

This custom shape is the result of four distinct radii working in harmony.

Achieving this structure's unique form without sacrificing its fluidity was a challenging process that demanded perfection. We custom-rolled and pressed a 12mm steel structure to craft this journey. Additionally, our collaboration with a specialist glass supplier was instrumental in meeting the required radii, providing the perfect finishing touch to this exceptional design.


The Solution

Rowland 2019

Words from the client

"I found First Step Designs case study of Beech Farm and knew that was the staircase I wanted. The team helped me personalise the design further to my space and the result is perfect. A technically sound company with very friendly staff"

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