Bring your home back to life with a staircase renovation or a complete replacement

First Step Designs offer a huge range of bespoke staircase renovations and complete replacement staircases to choose from. Reinvent your space with a modern replacement staircase, or bring your old staircase back to life with a staircase renovation

Main Street

Our most popular staircase renovation: Oak and inline glass complete staircase renovation, including string and apron cladding, replacement newel posts with bespoke Kerf newel caps throughout.

Manor Farm Court

The Glossop family wanted to create the feel of a larger space for their entrance hallway, the key element here was to reinvent the opening detail of the staircase with custom feature treads to open the space.

Palmers End Barn

Originally a tight, uncomfortable spiral staircase with safety issues, we designed a custom solution to make a striking change to the living space inside the barn. A completely new, feature "Trim" staircase was designed and installed.

Haywood Drive

The ironically named Bannister family changed an old classic 'cut string' staircase to a modern closed string staircase without any structural work required. This reinvention allowed the staircase to flood light throughout their landing and hallway.

Thorncliffe Road

The perfect oak and glass staircase renovation. The Hancock family staircase was reinvented with perfection to appear like a complete new staircase. It would take an expert to understand that this was a renovation and not a replacement staircase.

Warwick Avenue

The Hull family wanted to embrace an open plan entrance hallway... we replaced their old staircase with a new solid oak, open plan staircase. Complete with two feature treads to open the staircase into the room.

No salesmen, but office-based specialists available from 8am-5:30pm Monday – Friday. Contact the team today to discuss your project.

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