Selecting the perfect glass staircase is pivotal for home renovations. First Step Designs offers expertise in crafting bespoke staircases. In a recent project in Congleton, glass panels maximized natural light, while oak steps, concealed carpet, and cladding revitalized the staircase. It's an inviting centrepiece, harmonizing with the oak-themed interior. Highly recommended for renovation projects.

Selecting the ideal glass staircase is pivotal for home renovations. First Step Designs brings generations of expertise to design, craft, and install bespoke staircases that seamlessly integrate with your home.

A recent project in Congleton, Cheshire, for Mr. and Mrs. Riley, exemplifies their meticulous approach. Large embedded glass panels were introduced to maximize natural light, transforming the previously dim staircase and landing. Two oak steps replaced a short balustrade, adding a touch of grandeur to the hallway.

Strategically placed carpet, concealed to maintain the oak theme, and expert cladding breathed new life into the staircase, making it appear entirely new.

This transformation has turned the Riley's outdated staircase into a striking centerpiece, harmonizing beautifully with their oak-themed interior. It now serves as an inviting focal point, setting the tone for their home.

Delighted with the results, Mrs. Riley highly recommends First Step's professional craftsmanship for renovation projects. To turn your dream staircase project into reality, contact First Step at 01782 959300 or

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