When renovating staircases, numerous material and specification options make each one unique. Feature steps enhance character and functionality. Available in various shapes and sizes, they can replace existing carpeted steps or be included in new designs, providing an elegant transition while adhering to building regulations. Contact us today for more information.

When we renovate staircases there are hundreds of different combinations of materials and specifications to pick from, that make each and every staircase bespoke to you. One thing we find adds character and practicality to your current staircase is a feature step. These come in many different shapes and sizes, which can be determined by the space and creativity you have. If you already have a feature step carpeted we can replace it with a hardwood feature step or if you don’t already have one we can include one.

A feature step can have many different purposes, primarily it opens up the staircase, making it approachable from other angles and providing an elegant, sweep onto the staircase. Additionally a replacement hardwood step creates the perfect transition from a timber floor, timber step, then to the carpet. Not all treads need to be cladded to embrace this feature.

The CAD drawing above shows an example of how a feature step, in this case, a double bullnose, can open up the staircase earlier allowing you to turn around and access the stairs more comfortably.

Example Feature Steps

All our feature steps are made to measure to suit your home and adhere to building regulations. They are available in a range of woods and can be made with  22mm, 32mm, 40mm timber depending on the size and feel. All hardwood feature steps come with an anti-slip lacquer this making it safe to use but still retain its beautiful natural raw look.

The most common feature step we install is a Single Bullnose, as shown in the left image below. This is often used when the staircase is against a wall on one side. This allows you to swivel around the post more comfortably at an earlier angle. This giving the effect the staircase is more open and more comfortable to use. The image on the right shows a Curtail, which wraps around to the side of the first post, once again making the staircase easier to access but giving the staircase even more character.

The image below shows an example of how we can change the shape of the feature steps. If the rounded step is not for you why not have a straight edge feature step. A much more modern alternative with sleek straight lines. We can also create several feature steps, for example, the left bellow image shows a large curtail, stacked with a regular bullnose and a hardwood cladded quarter landing. This widens the staircase even more and also makes the transition from the floor for gradual.

If you are lucky enough to have a grand large opening hallway then a double large curtail can be used to make the staircase appear wider. We can custom build steps and landings to wrap around your staircase if desired. Thus acting as a purpose but also can be seen as a feature piece.  If you want to find out more about how we design and install feature steps can in touch today.

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