We specialize in crafting unique tailor-made staircases. Mr. Faulkner's Porthmadog project challenged us with a complex curved design featuring embedded steel beams. Our designers combined solid oak and frameless glass to create a stunning focal point. Contact us at 01782 959300 or hello@firststepdesigns.com for your bespoke staircase needs.

We take pride in crafting unique, tailor-made staircases to meet our clients' needs. When Mr. Faulkner sought a distinctive staircase for his Porthmadog home, we faced one of our toughest challenges yet.

The project featured a complex design with a curved D-shaped stairwell and three embedded steel beams within a curved wall. Our designers, inspired by Mr. Faulkner's vision for a Spine staircase, created a concept that embraced the unique space. They used the steel structure in the wall to support solid oak treads and frameless glass, resulting in a stunning floating effect.

The staircase's design, including custom stain matching the interior, and the frameless glass balustrade were meticulously planned and approved by the building inspector. Our team used laser technology to survey the space, ensuring precision in production.

Due to the complexity, we opted for a two-stage installation process, seamlessly integrating the steel structure with minimal disruption. The final installation of the solid oak treads and half landing was a meticulous process, resulting in a breathtaking focal point for Mr. Faulkner's home.

If you have a unique space or need a bespoke staircase, our designers are ready to turn your vision into reality. Contact us today at 01782 959300 or hello@firststepdesigns.com.

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