Lexi Paige Brown, a skilled equestrian of six years, excels in dressage and show jumping. Partnered with Boo, they aim to compete in 2019 as brand ambassadors for First Step Designs.

First Step Designs are so proud to introduce our very own

Brand Ambassador Lexi Paige Brown!

Lexi, an experienced equestrian of six years, excels in dressage, show jumping, and cross country. She's been coached by experts like Natalie Pym and Michael Owen. Her pony, Boo, a Welsh Section C named Queen of Hearts, was brought as an untouched four-year-old in 2018. Together, they aim to affiliate and compete at county-level equestrian events.

Lexi is a dedicated member of the East Cheshire Pony Club for two years. She's earned numerous badges and passed two efficiency tests. Her diverse equine interests span mounted games, show jumping, and dressage. She's participated in pony club camps and events. Throughout the winter, she'll focus on dressage, showjumping, and showing with her pony Boo, gearing up for the upcoming 2019 season.

Lexi, a determined rider, excels in dressage, show jumping, and pony club activities. Her successes since mid-2018 continue, and 2019 promises more achievements. She proudly represents First Step Designs as a brand ambassador, showcasing their stunning staircases through her blog, "Lexi Paige Brown Equestrian." Don't hesitate to greet this dynamic duo!

Her goals are to reach the dressage finals at Sheepgate and to become a member of BYRDS (British young riders dressage scheme) North West. Aswell to go affiliated in the showing world competing for county level in mountain and moorland working hunter. We wish Lexi the best of luck in this exciting journey and hope all our clients and adorers of First Step Designs Ltd will help us to support this young superstar!

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