The Pros and Cons of Glass Balustrades

Glass has become one of the greatest and most versatile construction and decor materials of the modern age. Today we see glassware in every building, kitchen and general structures in existance. Glass is made of sand, it is one of the only products in the world that takes nothign from earth’s natural resources and leaves nothing extra behind. Making it renewable and an eco-friendly material.

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The Pros of Glass Balustrades

More lighting

Many staircases are in dark areas of the home, making some staircases more difficult to use, this also makes the space appear smaller than it actually is. Glass balustrades allows naterual light to flow throughout the home without casting any shadows. The staircase and surrounding space beccomes lighter, reducing the need of artificial lighting.

Enhances Staircase Safety

All of our glass balustrades are extra thick and toughened panels. These balustrades are extremely safe and is not likely to shatter or break, keeping yourself, pets and small children very safe when using the staircase. The addition of light through the staircase reduces the risk of falling now each step is more visible.

Unrestricted Views

We at First Step Designs spend so much time perfecting our designs to ensure each and every part of your staircase is perfect. With glass balustrades, you can marvel at the beautiful designs, finishes, materails of your staircase without anything blocking your view.

Enhanced Style

Glass natruall creates a modern and luxorious finish to any interior. These types of railings enhance the style of your staircase and landing gallery.

Easy maintenance

Glass balustrades are easy and affordable to maintain as you only need to keep them clean in order to look perfect. Timbers and Spindles might require touching up over the years.

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The Cons of Glass Balustrades

Lots of cleaning Required

Just like glass doors and windows, glass balutrades will require frequesnt washing and cleaning to maintain the perfecct transparent finish. You are require dto use the correct cleaning agent and technique otherwise the staircase will be streaked and covered in strokes and dirt.

Price Difference

Standard spindle balustrades are typically stock items and are more affordable. Each glass panel has to be measured, drawn on CAD and CNC cut bespoke to your staircase. These beautiful panels don’t come so cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for!

Lack of Privacy

Staircases are not known for being a private space but some can feel a little open whilst climbing up and down in compaprison to other opaque materials. It is actually a benefit when it comes to families with small children, you can keep eye on your little ones!

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