Oak and Glass Floating Staircase

Project: Rosebank Farm

Being a part of Mr and Mrs Schofield’s New Build project was an absolute pleasure. Working alongside competent builders and architects to create the perfect space is what we do best. We started this process before the building work commenced to ensure the correct wall construction was achieved for a cantilever staircase alongside ensuring there was adequate space at the bottom of the staircase for an opening platform.

In this timber framed building the Schofield family wanted to embrace an open plan living space, complete with a kitchen, dining area and living space without any areas separating these spaces. One of the key pieces of furniture to achieve this would be an open plan, glass staircase. We offer a huge range of styles like this, but the true open plan staircase is our floating, cantilever staircase design. A engineering masterpiece.

The luxury of solid European White Oak allows the cantilever staircase to appear to be completely solid as opposed to the hollow creation to attach to the hidden steel structure. This allows all supports to be completely hidden and the staircase is as open as it can possibly be, within UK Building regulations. Enjoy the natural beauty of White oak, with end grain disaplayed to embrace its solid structure, no laminates, no composites, just real wood!

Steel structure staircases like this one can be fixed into position in a variety of ways, when we survey we offer a variety of solutions that will make the staircase worthy of our 10-year guarantee, ensuring that once the staircase is in position… it will not move again. This also allows us to create floating details throughout the design. A true luxury finish.

  • Stringer

    Hidden Steel

  • Treads

    110mm European White Oak

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrails

    Deco Oak

  • Feature

    Floating Cantilever Staircase

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