Bespoke Spine Staircase Design – Spine Embedded Glass

Metal Spine Staircase

A new haus und a new staircase!

Here at First Step Designs, we are known throughout the building and renovation industry as creators of the most beautiful bespoke staircases in the Nation. Our reputation continues to grow over the years and we are forever stepping up to new challenges. Our Spine staircase is becoming our most popular staircase and we have started to tweak the design to suit a range of tastes. We can’t wait to push this design even further.

A few months ago we were contacted by an architect who was working on a new build in Sandbach Staffordshire, just around the corner from our office. Having heard about our one of a kind designs, the architect was excited to work with us to create the perfect staircase for the clients new home. After supplying a competitive quotation, the interior designer met with the team to get the start the creation of this Spine Staircase.

This project was a cedar clad, timber-framed house complete by a talented German company. The “flat pack” house flew together and was erected in only 5 days! Which allowed interior decorators and fitters to quickly get stuck in. The interior was of an ultra-modern design using straight edges, perfectly angled corners and plenty of white space.

Central Spine Staircase

Spine is one of our most popular staircases, it creates the wow factor in any home, old or new! Manufactured from precision engineered steel, spine offers the floating staircase effect in a very simple and elegant way. We thought the spine would compliment the interior beautifully, combining the perfect mixture of timber and steel. The interior designer agreed, and the final design was pitched to the client who instantly fell in love with the staircase, and was eager to get the installation started.

The only element of the staircase design that was difficult to decide upon was the finish of the glass. Typically the underside of the glass will run at the same angle as the staircase, or we can offer what is known as a sawtooth effect to the glass. This means the underside is cut to a zig zag profile, finishing flush with the underside of each tread. Both are very popular but it comes down to the clients taste… So we created an interactive drawing to show both concepts, we ensure all clients are 100% happy with the design here at First Step Designs! Once we have your approval, production can commence.

 Staircase Installation

We manufacture spine as one piece, so it takes some serious manpower to install! The spine is designed to simply hook into place, making it much easier for the 5 man team to lift it into place. This tried and tested method throughout the country has adapted over time, to make it simpler than ever.

Once the spine is in position the hardest part of the installation is over, it’s plain sailing for a usual two-man team from here.

Floating Staircase Design

We took advantage of the white walls and powder coated the spine white to make it ‘disappear’ against the walls, achieving that floating staircase effect! More importantly, we have designed our spine staircase to such perfection that no weld is visible! Imitations of our design are just made from box section steel, with plates welded in position…  Unless you are looking for an industrial finish, this is not the way to make the spine staircase. As you can see below, all elements of the fabrication are sanded back, so no welds are visible.

We use luxury, chunky treads imported from Italy for our spine staircases, usually ranging between 100mm and 120mm thick of Solid Oak, no mixed core, just solid oak. For this modern build we stained the solid oak treads a pale colour to compliment the flooring and pale oak accents throughout the home. All our treads come with an anti-slip lacquer as standard, it gives that added grip with the same high quality finish you would expect from us.

The client did not feel having exposed brackets complimented the interior of the property, taking away from the clean finish. To overcome this, we trimmed the end from all treads and used the same piece to cap the glass. Giving the effect of a fully embedded glass balustrade inside of the treads!


For the same reason, this same effect was mirrored on the landing gallery, using our channeled glass balustrade. Tying all of this together is the continuous square handrail. Crafted to perfection on top of the glass balustrade and running down the staircase as well, beautiful.

What made this spine look so good is the continuation of themes through the home, the clean straight lines, the perfect corners, and subtle colouration. All tying together to create one of our favourite spines so far!

Are you looking for your own Spine staircase design? Why not get in touch today and let us get to know your project and offer free professional advice!

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