Make your staircase a talking point with our 48hr staircase renovation service

Replacing a staircase is not always the answer. Our huge range of staircase renovation designs can bring your staircase back to life with no structural work required. So, whether you are looking to maximise light in your home with glass, or add a modern metal balustrade, First Step Designs can help.

We stand by what we create

Transform your existing staircase and bring it back to life with an array of new materials and finishes. Incorporate glass and wood for a warm, contemporary feel, or metal elements for a sleek, modern look.

Our renovation service is a quick, mess free way to achieve the look of a brand-new staircase, all within 48 hours. Simply tell us what you would like us to achieve so that our team can provide suitable recommendations and work with you to develop the perfect design.

  • Huge range of custom combinations available using wood, glass and metal
  • Choose your timber and finishes to compliment other highlights in your home
  • Completed within 48 hours with no structural work required
  • 10-year guarantee on all renovations


“Some of our clients have lived with their old dated staircase for over 30 years, when we bring it back to life through staircase renovation, it looks like we have completely replaced the staircase. I love being able to show my clients every available option, so they are 100% happy with the final design before signing up for the service.

No other company offers this service on a free consultation!”

See a complete staircase

renovation installation

Do you ever wonder how a staircase can be transformed in 48 hours without any structural work required? Watch our team hard at work with the installation of this Grey Wash Oak and embedded glass balustrade Staircase Renovation. The complete staircase renovation service includes a replacement first step, anti slip treads and riser cladding!

“After our inquiry Nathaniel came to visit us with a variety of designs to ensure we were happy with our choice. Choosing a natural oak and glass was something we had always wanted and thisservice made it clear. The installation team were friendly, witty and a pleasure to have in our home!”

Case Study: Lakeland Drive, Leeds

Designer/Surveyor: Alex

The Holroyde family in Leeds planned to redecorate their entire home, but knew that they wished to change their staircase in this process. Many few homes in the UK feature a central staircase in a position like this, but most staircases are the first thing that is seen when entering the home… so it is key that it makes a statement.A replacement staircase is not always the answer, and the same desired finish of a new staircase can be achieved through a cost effective 48 hour staircase renovation.

To modernise this fantastic feature staircase, we chose a full oak conversion with feature glass balustrades. Replacing all existing components with solid oak including the newel posts. This is currently this is our most popular style of staircase renovation.

The goal is to bring an old staircase back to life to appear as a new staircase without the mess, fuss and price of a replacement staircase.