Oak and Glass Staircase Renovation

Project: Manor Farm Court

The Glossop family home was beautiful to start even before First Step Designs entered with this staircase design idea, but after all the renovation works that were complete, the old staircase had to compliment the new interior. Staircase renovation transformations are one of a kind here at First Step Designs.

We completely changed the opening of the staircase to make the journey upstairs even more accessible from the front door, with a large opening tread detail. The first tread wraps all around the staircase and back to the wall to create a beautiful detail that allows the staircase to be dressed with interior furnishings.

We chose to renovate the entire staircase with European White Oak to finish like a brand new solid oak staircase. All newel posts are removed completely and replaced with solid oak posts and a custom machined newel cap as opposed to the everyday external caps that are fitted afterwards. A huge range of handrails are available to choose from to compliment your toughened glass balustrade, our sample kit will allow you to make the right decision. The Glossop family chose our oval pattern for comfort and a sleek thin finish.

Finally, we clad the strings (sides of the staircase) with an oak veneer throughout, so once a carpet is relaid the staircase is complete with the appearance of a brand new staircase.

  • Strings

    6mm Oak Cladding

  • Newel Post

    Square with Sphinx Caps

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrail

    Oval Pattern Oak

  • Feature

    Square Feature Treads

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