Our most popular metal Staircase – ‘Spine’

Glass and Metal Staircases

Here at First Step Designs we can manufacture almost any style of metal staircase. We love to take on new challenges that some clients present to us. But the designer metal staircase range is our most popular product. Due to properties of metal we are able to create magnificent designs without the need of any structural work! Merging metal for the structural aspect of the staircase, with the warmth of real wood, we have a winning combination!

Replacement Staircase Designs

Original staircase images

The McGregor family, recently bought a home in Nottingham and wanted to renovate every aspect of the property. We had a variety of ideas to change their old, steep staircase and after our consultation with Matt and Sarah, we decided to flip the position of the staircase in order to achieve a shallow angle staircase, making the journey upstairs so much more comfortable. This also allowed the McGregors to enjoy a full landing gallery that is a must-have in any large home, to really make a statement in the entrance hallway.

When offering a replacement staircase, we have a huge portfolio of over 25 different designer Staircases to choose from. With our free, no obligation design service you can see what any of these models will look like in your home before buying. We showed the McGregors four different staircases to begin with, ranging in style and price range to then put together the perfect idea following the consultation.

Floating Staircase

The spine staircase was a clear choice for the McGregor family. It offers the floating tread effect that is very popular in open plan living, all the while having the treads made from solid timber (American Black Walnut in this particular case) as other floating staircase styles are typically thin timber boxes on top of a steel structure. Our Spine staircase treads measure between 100mm-120mm in thickness, a real luxury product. We import these on a made to order basis from our key supplier in Italy as the quality is always outstanding.

 Metal Spine Staircase Installation

Since all the fabrication of the steel and machining of the timber components takes place in our factory, the most difficult part of a Spine installation is lifting the heavy structure into place. We would usually have a team of 5 men for the first day of the installation, following this it is a two-man job to finish the project.

Tip: If you are planning on fitting underfloor heating in your home, always leave the base of the staircase clear. Some designs like Spine are required to be fixed into the ground and there cannot be any pipes in this position! 

Replacement staircases are tricky when the client is living in the home at the same time. On most occasions, we will fit the staircase as a two-part installation. The first stage includes removal of the old staircase and installation of the new steel structure. The client can then make good to the damage caused by the removal of the old staircase, this is usually just plasterwork where the staircase comes away from the wall. Once complete and the wall has been repainted, we return to finalise the installation (usually one week following stage 1).

The solid tread allows us to display end grain behind the glass to prove the value and quality of our products. Many companies will cover this section as it is not a solid tread, we can even offer end grain caps if the steel glass adaptors are not to your taste! Before each installation, we always have an on-site meeting with our clients to choose the order of the treads. Not one piece of wood is ever the same so we perform a test line up to ensure all the treads compliment each other accordingly.

All our components are machined prior to French polishing in order to make assembly smooth and enjoyable for the installation teams. This includes the glass bracket positions and the steel support rebate for the treads.

On every staircase that we design, we always use an anti-slip lacquer on our treads for that added element of safety. This ensures that even when wearing socks, you have no need to worry about slipping on the staircase, plus you cannot even see the difference between the perfectly smooth handrails and the rough anti-slip treads!

Once the glass and continuous handrails are installed… we have a finished staircase.

This particular staircase design was available upon an 8 week lead time and took 3 full days to install to perfection! What a performance from the First Step Designs team!

Do you want a sculptural masterpiece that doubles as a staircase in your home? Why not get in touch today and let us get to know your project and offer free professional advice!

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