Embrace your space - create a true centerpiece with the Curved staircase range

This sweeping curved staircase is the most sought-after design in the staircase industry. Its fluid design can be haped to work in harmony with any space, creating a completely unique design feature.

We stand by what we create

Our Curved staircase designs have been featured worldwide for their beauty and elegance. The soft sweeping lines of these structures can be designed to be a consistent curve or a variety of curves, allowing it to mould perfectly to the space in your home. They are constructed using powder coated metal, with natural wooden elements in the treads and handrail.

We recommend discussing your project with one of our designers as early as possible, as curved staircases require a lot of space and planning. This way they can advise your architect about the spatial design of the Curve and ensure the most perfect outcome.

  • Bespoke curves designed to suit your space
  • Floating design through an open design
  • 12mm toughened, polished and curved glass panels
  • Open and closed plan styles available


“My designs seem to evolve from project to project, but none are more challenging than our curved staircase range. Every single detail is crucial when forming such a fluid shape to work in a customers unique space.

I still remember my first curved staircase project installation and the look on the clients eyes when they saw the finished product, it was incredible.”

“Two architects designed ideas for our project and we instantly dismissed both. We knew we needed a specialist to help us with our vision. We fell in love with the design and cleared the entrance hall of all furniture ideas, to ensure the focus was all about our staircase!”

Case Study: Beech Farm, Chester

Designer/Surveyor: Tom

Mr and Mrs Gratton decided to build their family home on there existing plot of land behind a small barn conversion which they used to call home. The original architect planned to have two feature staircases dominating the entrance hallway, obscuring views and disrupting what is the perfect space for entertaining. We knew that we had the solution for this home.

The views at Gratton Farm could not be disrupted, the staircase has to be open plan and must be secured with glass balustrades.

This was our starting point. Due to the architect planning a dull set of staircases we had to be creative with our ideas. We could not position the staircase too close to the front door, or other doors in the entrance hallway, but still required a position where the staircase was not an obstacle. A bespoke curved form was the optimal solution…