Straight Spine Staircase, Oak and Glass

Project: Plant Avenue

The Filler family were planning major renovations to their beautiful home, this included removal of a swimming pool to create a large open plan living area and removal of a large bulky staircase to open the entrance hallway. It is hard to imagine this property how it used to be,  when you see the beauty of what the family have created. Mr and Mrs Filler approached First Step Designs very early in their renovation plans to put together an accurate timeline of what would need to be done prior to this new staircase being installed. This helps to streamline the process with zero delays.

The Spine staircase is quite tricky as a replacement as the area around the staircase needs to be fully prepped before the installation, this is due to not wanting trades working on top of or around a brand new Designer Staircase. This means project management is key, the staircase needs to be removed and area prepped often whilst the client is still living in the home. Once this work is complete First Step Designs come to site with a fully machine finished staircase ready to install.

Since true cantilever stairases require a certain specifcation of wall it is not always available for renovation projects. The spine staircase is the perfect design for a replacement staircase if the correct wall is not in position. A self supprting central spine that can be sunk into the floor if required and bolted to the trimmer joist/steel beam. A simple and super effective way to achieve a floating staircase finish.

The Filler family chose a Natural Oak finish to compliment their Oak effect cermic tiles that run throughout the ground floor of the property. Alongside embedded glass panels, there are a few ways to achieve an embedded glass finish. We can cover the glass adaptors with side grain or end grain to suit the customers taste, but both give an elegant finish to the staircase. Less is more with this design and the amount of compliments the Filler family recieve from this staircase is phenominal. A lovely project to be a part of.

  • Stringer

    Central Spine

  • Treads

    110mm European White Oak

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrail

    Contemporary Oak

  • Feature

    Side Grain Embedded Caps

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