Oak Open Plan Replacement Staircase

Project: Warwick Avenue

The Hull family home was already close to perfection before consulting with First Step Designs, all the home was renovated to a contemporary finish except a dark closed carpeted staircase. Initially thinking about a staircase renovation to bring the staircase back to life, our design team pitched the idea of a replacement open plan staircase to allow light to travel through the hallway and landing much more efficiently. (Closed plan staircases cannot be transformed to an open plan design due to the original manufacturing technique, it has to be replaced if this style is desired)

Since the length of the staircase passed by the wall at the foot of the staircase, we were given the opportunity to create a unique opening to the staircase with two feature opening treads. This allows the staircase to be approached from a variety of angles, opening the space more effectively. Replacement staircases allow this kind of transformation to take place with no compromises.

The open plan staircase is fully compliant with all building regulations ensuring no gaps above 100mm. This is accomplished by using a small sub riser (the down stand under the tread), but this can be done in a variety of materials such as glass, steel bars or steel contrast finishes.

Replacement staircases offer freedom of design, whereas staircase renovations are somewhat restricted.



  • Strings

    32mm European White Oak

  • Treads

    32mm European White Oak

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrail

    Contemporary Oak

  • Feature

    Large Opening Treads

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