Custom Curved Staircase and Spiral Handrail

Project: Hoby

Mrs Kitchener had a huge space in her renovation all set for a new staircase, but was not 100% sure of what style and layout would embrace the space we had to work with. This started a long process of design options, 3D visuals and consultation time to arrive where we needed to be for this design. Which is what we love! Creating something truly unique to the customers taste and space, this is how we designed our first part helical, part straight staircase design.

Nathaniel worked hard with the client back and forth to ensure the perfect design, shape and sweep was achieved in the extended space. It became a real challenge to create the perfect geometry, but he pulled it off. The staircase is the real focal point of the property.

Due to the huge space we had to work within, we had to stretch the staircase so that it spanned wall to wall, which resulted in a very low rise between steps and a large tread. Making this the most comfortable staircase that we have ever designed and manufactured. We were then able to sweep all these treads evenly to create a wonderful helical centre section, complete with curved glass, curved steel and curved rails for the final element of elegance to the staircase.

The final prestige of this staircase is the flowing handrail that spirals to the ground as a real asset to this design, flowing from an oval pattern to a 40mm round profile to finish neatly into the ground. Details that count, always here at First Step Designs.

  • Stringer

    10mm Cut String Steel

  • Treads

    40mm European White Oak

  • Balustrade

    Curved Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrail

    Curved Oval Oak

  • Feature

    Twisted curved handrail

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