Manufacture: Machine Precision

Once the material has been selected and quality checked, it begins a journey through our staircase factory in Staffordshire, using state of the art machinery to ensure 100% accuracy.

Every staircase begins with a 3D model, which is created bespoke for each project. Using the latest technology, our designers produce these 3D models to show a 1:1 scale visual representation of the staircase in any finish. This is then shared with the client before going into production to ensure the perfect finish.

These detailed drawings are then linked and programmed to the finest 5 axis CNC machines which are able to manufacture almost anything from timber that is drawn on the CAD software. These modern pieces of machinery are fine tuned to ensure pinpoint precision each and every time. They are operated by our dedicated, highly trained staff, who follow each project from start to finish before clearing the quality ready for French polishing.

We often use steel in our designer staircase range, mixing materials to suit designs and tastes. These can be exposed and powder coated, or even fixed inside of a timber component to allow the structure that it requires. All steel components are designed using the same CAD software to ensure continuity throughout components. Instead of using the CNC’s that are intended for timber use, we cut steel with a laser, which is capable of cutting through 15mm thick mild steel. We even etch our designs into the steel to make the fabrication process so much simpler during assembly; allowing us to establish the highest level of precision with all designs.