Walnut Oak stained staircase renovation

Project: Holymoor Road 2

As a secondary staircase sometimes it is best to renovate an existing staircase as opposed to a complete replacement. It is more cost effective, less disruptive and often the exact same finish that a new staircase would give! The highlights were determined as a less wild Walnut. So we opted to use White Oak stained to a Walnut colour for a more uniform grain to the timber.

With the selected of dark walls, it was crucial to allow maximum light to travel around the hallway, so the client opted for an embedded glass balustrade to allow less shadow to catch and enable light to flow throughout the staircase and property with ease. Sometimes less is more and the embedded glass finish is our most popular style of balustrade for a reason.

All aspects of the balustrade were fully removed and repalced with solid oak components (stained to a walnut finish) for a completely revived balustrade design. We then clad the structural aspects of the staircase known as the strings (the sides of the staircase). We continued this cladding around the well opening for a final frame to the project. These details make it impossible to see the difference between a staircase renovation and a new staircase!

  • Sttrings

    6mm Oak Cladding

  • Newel Post

    Square with Kerf Caps

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrail

    Contemporary Oak

  • Feature

    Custom Walnut Stain

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