Spine Staircase with Steel Balustrades

Project: The Granary

We met Mr and Mrs York through Instagram and simply fell in love with their project. A converted barn of a completely different calibre executed to perfection. Working closely with one of our designers Adam, Mr and Mrs York planned their build from breaking ground, all the way to the final installation.

The central spine design does not rely on any structure as it is a freestanding object, so for timber frame constructions like this it works perfectly. The central spine allows the open, floating finish without any fixings other than at the trimmer and the base of the staircase. Finished with our 110mm solid oak treads, these staircases are our most desired finish.

Glass balsutrades are our most popular balustrade, we love to be different and this staircase allowed us to design and fabricate something truly special for our customer. An industrial style, steel plate balustrade fabricated to suit the custom layout of the staircase. Including a feature staircase to ceiling balstrade guarding. We manufacture our steelwork to ensure no welds can be seen, but for this staircase we broke our rule on the rake balustrade, but for a barn conversion it fits in perfectly.

Since metal work can be quite cold to the tocuh, we advised the customers to add a conmpotary timber handrail to make the balustrade journey more comfortable and also give a continuous railing solution for that elegant finish, also giving the serious level of comfort as the journey around the landing is enjoyed.

  • Stringer

    Central Spine

  • Treads

    110mm European White Oak

  • Balustrade

    Custom Steel

  • Handrail

    Deco Oak

  • Feature

    Staircase - Ceiling Balustrade

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