Oak Open Plan Glass Staircase

Project: Hatton Park Road

Being a part of Mr and Mrs Chauhans new build project in Wellingborough was an absolute pleasure. Working alongside competent builders and architects to create the perfect space is what we do best. We started this process before the building work commenced to allow maximum space throughout the property, whilst not compromising on a flawless, luxury staircase.

Centre stage in this lovely new build stood two large feature staircases, open all around to be enjoyed to the fullest. It was a clear choice to make the staircase an open plan detail so that it could be enjoyed from all angles with its solid oak construction, but also to allow light to flood the entire building for that additional feel of space.

The luxury of solid European white oak, allows us to create a one of a kind design to create the focal point of the new living space. We chose to keep the staircase as open as possible with 40mm oak steps, but added a glass downstand in order for us to close the gap between steps to below 100mm. Meaning we can fully comply with UK building regulations without any form of compromise.

We mirrored this glass downstand within the embedded glass balustrades throughout the staircase and landing for the final finish of elegance and beauty. All treads are coated with an anti slip lacqer so they appear to look jhust like the rest of the oak, but really rough to the touch, ensuring all our staircases are safe.

  • Stringer

    32mm European White Oak

  • Newel post

    Square Oak

  • Treads

    40mm European White Oak

  • Risers

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

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