Feature Oak Steps & Glass | Staircase Renovation

Project: Lamberts Lane

Mr and Mrs Riley of Congleton, Cheshire had renovated their entire home and realised the largest piece of furniture in their home did not match their new modern interior style. They wanted to bring this back to life and take control of their entrance hallway. With new oak floor installed and matching doors throughout, it was key that the staircase design complimented this style.

Glass was always something that the Riley family wanted, with perfectly positioned windows to allow light to flood throughout the hallway glass was the perfect solution. They opted for large embedded glass panels for a minimalist finish with sheer elegance for all of the staircase and landing balustrades.

In addition to this, the original staircase consisted a short useless balustrade at the base of the staircase. We chose to remove all of this and install two feature oak, replacement steps in order to create a large opening to the staircase and give the illusion from the entrance hallways that the whole staircase was made from solid oak. Wheras in reality after the quarter landing turn the client has chosen to lay carpet for that added level of comfort. These replacement steps however now make the staircase approachable from a new angle, opening up the space generously.

The finishing touch was to clad the strings (sides of the staircase), so that it would take a seasoned joiner or staircase specialist to reise that the staircase was actually a renovation and not a complete new staircase. Our cladding techniques, newel post replacement and solid oak components make our renovations a thing of beauty.

  • Strings

    6mm Oak Cladding

  • Newel post

    Square with Kerf Caps

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrail

    Contemporary Oak

  • Feature

    Opening Feature Treads

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