Bold in design, strong in structure - explore the customised elements of the Trim range

The perfectly detailed straight cut lines of the Trim staircase can reinvent any interior. Using metal and wood elements, the Trim style provides the perfect structure whilst offering a contemporary twist on a traditional cut string staircase.

We stand by what we create

The half zigzag strings of the Trim staircase provide an additional element of geometry, creating a real striking effect. When finished with different materials and colour combinations, the overall look of this design is completely transformed, which is ideal if you are looking for a new staircase design to suit your taste.

The Trim is the ideal way to create floating landings and winders with any choice of balustrade. It’s bold clean lines also lend itself to frameless glass balustrades and bespoke steel balustrades systems, providing a contrast or compliment to your overall staircase style.

  • Open plan or closed plan styles available to suit your taste
  • Handcrafted continuous handrails available throughout the stairs and landing
  • Floating design with no structural posts required
  • Immaculate metal construction with no visible welds


“Trim is possibly the most popular metal staircase that we offer. It works so well with any layout of staircase so it is so versatile for all clients. Once I start my design work, clients have inputs on what they feel would work best for them…

more often than not they realise Trim is the staircase they have always wanted.”

“We had wanted our staircase flipping direction and changing since we bought our home, once ready to renovate Adam came to see us and our builder and designed a complete system for the project. Kept in touch with our trades and ensured a clean project. The fitters were clean, friendly and a pleasure to have in our home!”

Case Study: The Paddocks, St Neots

Designer/Surveyor: Adam

The Hughes family planned a complete renovation of their home after living there for over 15 years, this included flipping the direction of their staircase to open up their entrance hallway. With the idea to create an open plan living space, First Step Designs were able to put together a plan of action for the joist layout and fixing points for the Trim staircase that the Hughes family had always wanted. Allowing the staircase to fit perfectly.

The redesign included removing the handrail finger traps on the staircase, creating a complete glass gallery all around the staircase and staining all timber components to compliment the clients chosen flooring,

matching the interior, whilst making a striking contrast with the anthracite grey steel components. Against the original feature brick wall, the contrasts of finishes make this staircase a real statement piece of the home and make a striking first impression to guests and visitors alike.