Make an impressive design statement with an exclusive staircase from First Step Designs

Commision your very own statement staircase to suit your style or have our team develop one for you. Our current collection of exclusive designs include the Open Reverse, Wave and Band, which can be completely tailored to suit your space.

We stand by what we create

These awe-inspiring collection of staircases are constantly being designed by our creative team. They challenge the conventional approach of staircase styles to create completely unique pieces of art.

If you are looking for a completely new concept or have seen new features that you would like to incorporate, you can request a custom design from our team. We recommend enquiring about your exclusive staircase during the early stages of your build to ensure you achieve the best outcome.

  • Be inspired by a huge variety of designs from our exclusive staircase collection
  • Request custom designs made for you and your space
  • Utilise our bespoke styling techniques
  • Request your own unique styles and finishes


"When I joined the team at First Step Designs, the main reason I wanted to work here was the design freedom the staff are given. If we feel we can design something completely original for a clients own vision, we are encouraged to show our design skills.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my own custom designs go from a sketch pad to being installed at a clients home.”

“Our builder said that a floating staircase was not available for our property, but after speaking to Adam, he was able to specify the exact wall that we required and liaised with the builder to ensure it was perfect. We now have the staircase we have always wanted in our new build.”

Case Study: Eastwood Road, Nottingham

Designer/Surveyor: Adam

Mr Tranter from Nottingham was in love with the penthouse apartment interior and wished for his home to reflect this. Focusing on a monotone interior, whites and blacks were the main elements of the home that he wanted. To embrace this style we decided to stain the European White Oak treads to an ebony, matt black finish, including powder coating all glass adaptors to really add that element of finesse to the project.

Our Floating staircases consist of a two-stage installation. The first is to install all steel work, which would then need to be covered by plasterboard and skimmed to cover all structural elements.

The trades in the home can then use the steel flight as a temporary solution whilst the build is still in progress. We choose to return at the end of the project, once all trades have left to install the glass and timber overtreads. We insist on returning at the end, so that no other trades are on site to potentially damage the beautiful staircase!