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Welcome to First Step Designs Ltd

We are the freshest Staircase design company in the country and specialise in both bespoke renovations and new build staircases.

We feel its crucially important to make a feature of your existing or new build staircase. It is the largest piece of furniture in your home, with correct design and finish you can make such a statement and inevitably redefine your interior. First Step Designs is the company that can make this happen.

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Founded by designers, engineers and joiners we here at First Step plan to change the staircase design and renovation industry. Instead of being ran by commissioned salesmen, First Step Design Ltd only employ qualified designers who will individually plan and design your new staircase design from start to finish. No administration processes, No salesmen changing prices to gain commission, No false promises about what can be achieved, First Step Designs Ltd offer full transparency in our services.


Beating the competitors

All of our competitors around the UK tend to work along the same process send a designer (salesman) into your home to sell the product. Survey the property around 2 weeks later by a qualified employee who will tend to find certain discrepancies within the job the salesman sold and change the design to suit. Paperwork goes back to a head office where another member of staff will order parts and brief the fitting team. Around 8-12 weeks from initial sale the installation team arrive at your home to fit the final product

^This is NOT a First Step process^

Our transparent approach to staircase design not only saves several weeks in lead time, but you the client are fully aware of what you are purchasing from the beginning. Your chosen designer is also your surveyor and project manager. No false promises or chasing a variety of people for information, just one point of contact. Due to this lack of overheads and office personal, we can keep our prices competitive and our product the finest on the market.

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Breathtaking Renovations

We offer a substantial product range here at First Step Designs that is ever growing. We can manipulate all of our products as a bespoke company to supply you with the perfect renovation solution to compliment your interior. Whether you require a staircase to compliment an Industrial modern styled home or even a Japanese Zen style. First Step Designs can tailor make a staircase renovation to suit you.

Our renovations are very competitively priced and no one offers a service quite like us. We can renovate just certain parts of you staircase e,g. a popular choice is just to renovation the balustrade. This involves removal or cladding or posts, and full replacement of balusters; usually glass panels. Some clients go the for the solid timber staircase renovation, this is where we replace all balustrades and clad the strings (sides of the staircase), once complete and carpet has been laid the staircase looks brand new. Alternatively you can go all out! This involves replacing all balustrades, cladding all strings and aprons and most importantly brand new treads and risers. This doesn’t affect the structure of your staircase in the slightest, we clad on top of existing treads and risers with engineered oak, walnut or laminates. The difference a full renovation can make to your home not only increases the property value, but will become the key piece of furniture throughout your home.

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Exclusive New Build Staircases

No competitors build new staircases like we do. We have a full in house workshop with 7 CNC’s shipping over 200 flights a week to builders and homeowners nationwide. No one knows Staircases quite like us. When it comes to making a bespoke masterpiece of a staircase, this is where we really shine.

We discuss styles and interiors with our clients to ensure that the solution that we design is most appropriate, not only in function but style. Instead of having a salesman in your home who takes rough data back to a staircase designer, our qualified designers will do this all on site with you, or even over email depending on the progress of your build/renovation. We pride ourselves on the knowledge of our staff and to see them flaunt their skills in front of your own eyes is something that needs to be seen! You can either inquire over emails and discuss styles, book an appointment in our office with a designer and visit the warehouse to see how we manufacture our products, or we can come to your home/site. We let you be in full control.

We have a large selection of new build staircase models to choose from, but if you want to mix different models or create your own just let us know! We like to trade the latest trends, so feel free to send us images of styles that infatuate you and we will create your own bespoke solution. If you like the staircase below, why not play with the 3D model created by one of our designers Adam. A bespoke ‘Reverse’ Staircase with side planted glass in Black American Walnut.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

Once the installation is complete and you sign off the work as satisfactory your 10 year guarantee starts. We are so proud and confident of our work that this warranty is free of charge. Great for piece of mind and makes our product of the upper epsilon.

Feel free to join the First Step Designs revolution and give us a call today!

10 Year Warranty