A Walnut and Glass Staircase Renovation

At First Step Designs, we work with a variety of timbers for our staircase renovations, but no timber is more luxurious than Black American Walnut. Other timbers can be stained or painted to a variety of finishes, but with Walnut we prefer no finish other than its  natural grain and colour. With a low 5% sheen finish, Walnut staircases are a true work of art.

This case study shares the journey that Mr and Mrs Roberts of Middlewich took with First Step Designs, from initial consultation to final completion.

Walnut and Glass Staircase

We first spoke to Mrs Roberts on the phone and she made it clear she was not interested in any other timber other than walnut. With such a bright, neutral coloured decor planned, she wanted a high level of contrast from her staircase. We could not have agreed more. The classic traditional spindle style is so outdated, and what we renovate more than any other old staircase.

After the initial phone call with Mrs Roberts, we requested photos of her staircase which she was able to send within the hour, her assigned designer was able to complete the quotation before 5pm the very same day.

No home visit, no hard sell, just a honest price and flawless design.

Free Staircase Renovation Design

Once our clients have received our competitive quotation, they are usually surprised by how affordable a First Step Designs staircase renovations are compared to our competitors… the secret it simple! We do not use salesmen. This means you are not paying based upon a commission price and this is why we quote online first with our employed design team.

Upon consultation (after the client already knows the price)  we bring samples and realistic 3D visuals like these ones here to the client. This means under no obligation, the client knows the price of the renovation but also know exactly what the finished product will look like. A flawless system that all clients absolutely love.

We even supply an interactive 3D model of your staircase renovation for our clients to share with their friends and family. This allows the client to have plenty of time to understand the project and ask any questions that come to mind before the installation. The peace of mind that we offer for all our staircases is second to none.

Staircase Renovation Installation Process

The key part of any staircase renovation is first installing the new solid newel posts throughout the flight. We completely remove the existing posts and replace them with your chosen style of newel post and cap. We do this in such a way that the structure of your staircase is not compromised at all, and at no point are you unable to use your staircase during the renovation process.

Following the newel post installation, we clad the sides of the staircase (technically known as the ‘strings’). We use a 6mm veneer when cladding and this is the only one  of our components that is not a solid timber. By cladding the strings, it means once the carpet has been put back down (at the end of the installation) you are left with a staircase that looks like a solid Walnut staircase, with no mess or fuss.

The final part of the renovation is the balustrade. Glass is by far our most popular product and there are a variety of options to choose from. Mr and Mrs Roberts wanted an embedded glass balustrade throughout their staircase. This means no fixings or fittings can be seen at all, giving a simplistic and elegant final finish to the staircase.

Replacement staircase steps

If you want to make your staircase that little extra special, why not replace your bottom step with a feature tread like the curtail we used here. Even if you do not already have a feature step, we can prepare your staircase for one of your choice. This serves as the perfect transition from timber floor or tiles, to the chosen staircase timber and then to a comfortable carpet. In addition we also finish our replacement steps with an anti slip finish for safety!

You could even go a step further, and clad all the staircase treads and risers with walnut!

We do not use laminates or other false effect timbers in our staircases and walnut is a perfect example of this. It has such a wild grain, that almost no components match perfectly. But that is the beauty of using natural timbers, every single component has its own originality and characteristics. We just love how wild walnut can get, the more waves the better we say!

This wonderful installation took just over two days, we prefer to let the team finish the project in day light to ensure the finish is perfect. Our customers appreciate our motto “Do you want it done quick, or do you want it done right?”

We follow the same process for all of our inquiries and orders:

  1. Free online quotation
  2. Design consultation and presentation of drawings
  3. Survey the same day as the consultation (if the order is placed)
  4. Drawings and installation plans sent to clients
  5. Installation Date confirmed
  6. Complete installation usually complete within 48 hours
  7. 10 year warranty on completion.

This particular project was priced at


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