Transforming a traditional cut string, through Staircase Renovation

Here at First Step Designs we offer a large range of bespoke staircase renovation solutions that the typical everyday builder cannot. Through tried and tested methods we are able to offer these in addition to our 10 year guarantee. As a truly bespoke renovation company we can tailor these solutions to all different styles of staircase Nationwide!

We sit lots of design appointments where we have already decided upon the best solution before even entering the clients home. Below is an original First Step solution to converting a traditional cut string staircase through the art of staircase renovation.

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Mrs Bentley from Cheshire has a large feature staircase in the centre of her home that is already structurally perfect but just does not have the wow factor that is required to compliment the rest of her entrance hall. It is very common to have turned balustrades in most homes around the UK, but as current trends are purely contemporary and modern, this feature must be updated during any home renovation.

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The existing staircase is what’s called a cut string staircase. Where the outer string is cut underneath the treads and traditionally complete with a scroll like feature on the underside as shown in the two images above. Due to the carpet not having a place to end a carpet runner is usually installed, but when it comes to renovating these style staircases a lot of damage can be left, for example removing that side scroll leaves damage to the outer string and riser, removing the spindles leaves damage to the treads and at the end of the renovation the carpet runner would have to be installed…

Not when First Step Designs plan a renovation.

Cut String Trans

Mrs Bentley still wanted a carpet to be fitted but did not want to see any part of the old staircase, wanted to keep a cut string feature and it was crucial that all workings were fully covered. Our one of a kind renovation techniques helped us to plan this renovation with huge attention to detail resulting in a spectacular end product. The whole staircase now looks like a solid oak flight, as opposed to the dated softwood flight that was installed beforehand.

Cut String Trans43

 The renovation  process included cladding of all strings and the apron, replacement American white Oak newel posts our bespoke cut string transformation and of course a beautiful glass balustrade. When renovating a cut string staircase, one option is to close the string so you do not get the ‘zig-zag’ style balustrade but this is a waste of an expensive feature that is very much desired in the industry.

Our qualified designer who not only designed the solution but also surveyed the property used computer aided design on site to create a millimetre perfect glass balustrade, proving that what we create is one of a kind. The staircase and landing balustrade was now reinvented by 10mm toughened glass panels that are each individually stamped to prove they pass current British Safety standards.

Cut String Trans4When this much balustrade is needed on a staircase, dark spindles really lower the light intensity of a room, in turn creating a smaller looking space. Instead, with our 10mm clear or low iron glass you can brighten up a room like never before and become the envy of the neighbourhood. Our glass is available in different colours, finishes and fitting methods.

Cut String Trans42

After the renovation is complete the customer can use our framing method to relay a new carpet that fits perfectly with no fittings or fixtures necessary. No more looking at that dated staircase or only having a carpet runner that is only available on most cut strings. We cover all workings and fittings to an extraordinary level of detail to ensure you are happy with the final result.

Explore the 3D model of this renovation below

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