The Oak and Glass Staircase Renovation

We at First Step Designs deal with staircases all day, every day. We do not venture into other industries as we have completely mastered the art of staircase renovation and staircase design, so when we come across a staircase like the Hancock families… Our designers could not be more excited by the potential of a T Shape staircase renovation!

How does a Staircase Renovation work?

Mr and Mrs Hancock wanted a change to their dates T shape staircase, but were not sure if the potential transformation was what they wanted. Our designer went to meet the Hancock family to discuss ideas and to ensure they understood what potential lay in the entrance hall of their home. On our initial consultation we always give a complete walk through of how staircase renovations work, this is so important as all staircases are unique and have their own characteristics. This includes everything from newel removal or cladding options, to choosing the most effective and desirable balustrade for the space.

It was clear with a T shape staircase of this caliber, oak and glass would make the world of a difference!

This kind of design was such a substantial change we organised a second meeting with the Hancock family to share some visuals of the complete renovation. This is a free service that no other company offers, it gives our clients a peace of mind to know exactly what they can expect from a First Step Designs renovation. Once these visuals were on display the Hancock family could not wait to get the project underway!

Full Project Management

The same initial designer for the Hancock family is also their assigned project manager. This is not a typical service like our competitors, our qualified designers handle their accounts with precision planning and exceptional customer service. Our designers conduct their own surveys, take the payments and will inform you of your installation date. There is no need to pass between departments, all of our designers are exceptionally hard working and qualified to give you the highest level of customer service in the industry!

Your designer will meet with the fitting team in advance of the installation to discuss key details that were discussed on the initial consultation and survey. We all work from the same plans to ensure the final finish is exactly what our clients are after.

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Our fitting teams work exceptionally hard throughout all installations whether it be new staircases or a staircase renovation and this is clear in the Hancocks installation video. The attention to detail in all our work is beautiful and we cover it all with a 10 year guarentee for that peace of mind everyone needs.

The Hancock family actually opted for clad newel posts as opposed to our usual replacement option, this allows a 120mm newel post for that grande feature staircase finish. Additionally this means there is no mess what so ever made, we sealed all the components once complete so no redecoration was required!

Not onlt does the end product bring a modern look to the interior, but the natural light from the landing window floods the entire entrance hall. This gives the illusion of a much larger space and the staircase is now the focal point of the entire home!

Want to see what solutions the designers at First Step Designs can create for you? Give us a call today to discuss some options just like the Hancock family did!

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