The Metal and Glass Curved Staircase

We specailise in creating feature staircases, whether this is a renovation of your existing staircase, a replacement staircase or presenting us with a blank canvas to really show off our creativity! This case study shows the wonderful journey we took with the Gratton family to create an amazing curved staircase centerpiece for the entrance hall of their new home.

Planning a Designer Staircase

After disagreeing with the architect on the design of their entrance hallway, Dan and Yvette decided to call out a staircase specialist that had been recommended from a different company. The architect originally planned two feature staircases meeting at a central point for a grand entrance. What was not considered here was the beautiful view that these two large staircases would obscure, these two staircases were planned to a basic construction and the Gratton’s knew their entrance hall needed a true centerpiece.  Initially just looking for some inspirational ideas, our first meeting just consisted of drawing ideas and pitching approximately 8 ideas to the family…. one was a clear winner, a metal, glass and timber curved staircase.

Bespoke Curved Staircase Design

Once we had our concept and idea, it was time to perfect it on CAD to share with the Gratton family, this is a service that we offer all of our clients! A staircase is the largest piece of furniture in your home, when creating a Statement Staircase of this magnitude we want 100% perfection in our designs and have the clients full understanding of how the design of a curved staircase works and looks. Our one of a kind CAD service shows this.

The interactive model above is supplied via email during the decision-making process, taking this pressure free time to browse the design and test different finishes is the perfect way to ensure you have made the right decision!

Once we have decided upon the final design we are able to finalise the contracts, choose a suitable installation date and head into production! We keep our customers up to date with the production of their staircase as it is such a perfectly planned process that shows key attention to detail!

Curved Staircase Manufacture

First of all we needed to create the steel strings of the staircase and fabricate them accordingly. Every part of the manufacturing process comes from the CAD file that we send to our clients. This is perfect to scale and shows all details of the final product.

Once manufactured we fit the staircase raw with softwood treads and risers to ensure our production process is keeping with our tight tolerances. Once we are happy with the design and have cross checked every aspect of the flight we can then finish the steel to the clients chosen style. We can offer a variety of powder coat finishes, the Gratton family wished for their strings to seem invisible and chose to go white to match the walls of the home!

Before powder coating can take place, we must sand blast all fabricated steels to assure that perfect finish. This also includes a 1000hr salt spray test to ensure corrosion is never going to be an issue. Once complete this is followed by top quality powder coating.

Following the near completion of the production, we then dry fit again with our timber treads to ensure all components fit perfectly. This particular staircase has 3 different radius that make up its unique shape, we always want to make sure our components are machined to perfection every time and their is no better way to test than a test installation in our factory.

This includes fitting of all the curved glass panels and assembling the curved timber rails. Due to the nature of a curved handrail it is always manufactured in a number of pieces, by dry fitting we can assemble the rail fully ready for French polishing before the actual installation. Giving a much more defined finish!

Once our installation team are happy with the work and the clients designated designer/project manager has signed off the test installation. We then wrap all finished components ready for delivery, all timber components go to be French polished to perfection without any more cuts having to be made!

All treads are finished with an anti slip lacquer for safety reasons, but best of all you cannot tell the difference without touching the timber.

As the team already know the project inside and out…. the installation is pain free and enjoyable for all!

This particular installation took 3 days to get the final finish we see necessary and once the staircase was installed…. the Gratton family home had the wow factor they always wanted!

Curved Feature Staircase

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