Replace or Clad Newel posts?

One of the many things that make First Step Designs Ltd so special is our newel replacement system. We offer two solutions in order to renovate staircase newel posts, that other companies do not. We make this decision with the client to ensure they get the exact outcome that they want. Our clients are never left in the dark and we as always pride ourselves in our honesty.

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Newel posts are one of the key parts of structure to most staircases, this is why the everyday builder/joiner will not feel comfortable removing them. Our fitting teams are true craftsmen, proud of their work and more than qualified to perform this kind of work. The typical newel post will look like the image above.

Lets talk about option 1: Replacing a Newel Post

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When replacing a post, we fully prop and/or support the staircase where necessary in order to safely remove and fit a new post, ensuring the structure and stability of the staircase is not compromised. We can replace posts in all areas on the staircase and also on the landing. It is very rare we come across a situation where this is not possible.

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Posts are replaced like for like in size, with a choice of styles from square, stop chamfer, traditional turned, steel etc… There are also a large choice of caps to be used, so you can personalise your staircase to a large extent.

The key downfall to replacement posts is there will be a very small amount of plaster damage in places. We make good where possible but it is necessary to touch up after the renovation. The majority of our clients are usually renovating their home fully so we ask that all skimming, wall paper, painting etc… is applied after the staircase renovation has taken place.

OK Option 2: Cladding an existing Newel post  

Clad or Replace

We have developed a unique way to clad posts with a seamless finish, other competitors will use mouldings in order to cover edges, whereas our method creates a finish which is next to impossible to notice the difference between a solid post and a clad post. We can clad all posts on a staircase without any issues using our 15mm Oak cladding system.

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When cladding posts we can cover all damage so there is no making good necessary once the installation is complete! This is the key advantage of using the clad system as opposed to a replacement post.

Due to the cladding being 15mm thick this means the post will be 30mm larger overall (e.g. a 90mmx90mm post will change to 120mmx120mm). Some clients dislike this and opt for a replacement post, whereas others prefer a large post as generally this is a more expensive look to a staircase, as opposed to the typical sized posts found around the UK.

Clad posts are also restricted to standard cap designs as the cladding is made bespoke to each post on your existing staircase. All parts of the cladding process is bespoke…

Both options here have their advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on the clients plans for their home. Why not call one of our designers today to discuss these options and find out what is best for you!

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