Ranch to Radiant in 3 Days

The majority of times the staircase that is already fitted in your home is the best layout for your property. A replacement or reinvented flight is not always the best option, especially when an existing flight is structurally sound. A client bought this existing property to renovate and it took seconds to #Realise the sheer potential behind this space. The client contacted the team at First Step Designs unsure of exactly what was possible regarding a staircase renovation. It didn’t take our designer Tom too long to get excited by the potential of this particular home, this rubbed off on the client and the solution is beautiful.

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Certain ranch styles like this can be tricky to renovate but this one can be done by typical First Step Design techniques, this could be either replacing or cladding all existing posts by our skilled carpenters. This particular client could not decide between a glass balustrade or a contemporary wrought iron design. Our designer Tom merged the two together, including smoked glass to compliment the black powder coated wrought iron. This kind of balustrade is more of an Modern Industrial spec, but when merged with natural oak and white painted timber it converts to a more Mid-Century Modern feel.

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A lot of our clients only want balustrade renovating to create a statement… If you go all in with First Step Designs by changing every aspect of the staircase you will be sure to achieve the WOW factor. We merged our white painted timber risers and American white Oak over-treads, as a modern take on a traditional approach, this level of contrast alongside dark black balustrade looks phenomenal.

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All outer and inner strings were clad in Oak whereas the wall strings were clad with white painted timber and capped with Oak as a design feature. A full staircase renovation really gives the client the power to change their entire interior, but when First Step Designs Ltd are on hand the outcome is always flawless.

Not only does a renovation of this caliber raise the properties value it transforms the staircase into the heart of your home.

A full complete renovation like this usually takes around 3 days. This particular renovation was priced at:

£7,250 +VAT

Why not explore this renovation in 3D?

Click below to see more details and annotations.

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