Two Curved Metal Staircases, One New Build Project

Project: Reigate Road

The Wallbank family had not even begun their new build journey when they contacted First Step Designs, this is the best time when planning a staircase of this size. Due to the complex structure of a staircase like this, it is most important that the correct foundation and materials are used to accept the load of this style of staircase. It gives our team plenty of time to agree on all of the details that must be understood with the builders and project managers on site.

After seeing the previous project of ours ‘Beech Farm’ Mr and Mrs Wallbank wanted something very similar in their own home, but this was actually much more difficult. Due to there being two staircases in the home we wanted them to mirror each other as much as possible but also embrace the space correctly for wide open walkways. This was very challenging.

We conducted a full 3D digital survey of the property to make sure all of the finishing touches were perfect and to ensure the curved stringer against the wall fit as perfectly as possible. It is very rare a wall is straight, but a curved wall to a consistent radius is also something that would be very challenging. Our team excelled on this, one of our largest projects to date, to create a superb final design and installation.

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