Spine Staircase with Walnut and Glass

Project: Junction Road

Miss Patel planned the perfect New Build alongside an established building contractor, with stunning interior designs ready to go, the only thing missing was a couple of perfect staircases. Miss Patel was 100% set on our central spine staircase, but when purchasing two of these it requires a huge budget. But we explained that the main feature staircase should be the ground floor staircase, above this it is possible to install a neutral staircase that gives an elegant finish and it is not necessary that they match.

Our team met with Miss Patel to show 3D visuals of these designs and how they could interact with each other as opposed to looking out of place, all the while fitting comfortably within budget. We always want to work alongside clients and stay within budget wherever we can. We encourage you to discuss this as everyone works to a budget! This goes even further with the treads, Oak is so much more cost effective than Walnut as a raw material. So to imitate walnut,  we can stain oak to the same finish, so that the colour complements other walnut finishes around the property.

Our team liaised with all trades on site throughout the project and ensured the site is perfectly prepped for your dream staircase. This includes giving footprints of where the staircase will land on the ground floor. This allows our customers to leave these areas clear of underfloor heating so we can achieve our fixing points, allowing them to be hidden below your flooring/tiles.

The upper staircase is an everyday softwood staircase that functions perfectly well. But since this is covered with carpet and a stud wall balustrade it sits harmounlesley against the feature staircase and also adds an element of privacy from the road on the top floor to the master suite. Cost effective and functional.

  • Stringer

    Central Spine

  • Treads

    110mm Walnut Stained Oak

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrail

    Round Oak

  • Feature

    Custom Stained Treads

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