Double Spine Staircase with Custom finishes

Project: Highfield Road

We worked closely alongside Datum Contracts and Construction Management Limited for these central spine staircases for the Hoggett family of Hertfordshire. For such a simplistic looking double flight project, this has some extensive detailing that make it ever so special, even in such a spectacular new build property like this. Even the client informed us it is their favourite part of the home.

Originally planned as a T shape staircase by the architect this would not have given the same elegance as a straight staircase. We displayed 3D visuals of all options to demonstrate what we knew was right here. This allows the client to have a much wider and comfortable staircase and a huge amount of headroom for the added feel of comfort whilst in use. Additionally, nothing looks neater and as flawless as a straight staircase. We push this to all clients regularly.

With this, we decided to widen the lower basement staircase and adapt a diminished balustrade to ensure a maximum width was achieved with no dust traps, but still a continuous rail for added comfort and safety. This linked flawlessly with our landing balustrade to give the ultimate finish. These details are always planned to perfection here at First Step Designs.

Originally the well opening was off centre and could have resulted in a complete failure if it was not picked up on our digital survey. But when dealing with two flights that have to work together, we cover all bases to ensure the installations go to plan. We were then able to instruct the contractors on site of what needed to change and return for a final visit to ensure this was done correctly.

The final design features a custom grey stain throughout all the treads, for which you can see the natural brown of the oak coming through in certain lights, accompanied with an anthracite stained rail to complement the central spine within the property too. The LED systems are then designed by us in terms of installation, but installed by the onsite electrician to work alongside the full automation system of the property.


  • Stringer

    Central Spine

  • Treads

    110mm European White Oak

  • Balustrade

    Toughened and Polished Glass

  • Handrail

    Deco Oak

  • Feature

    Diminished Balustrade Detail

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