Open Oak and Glass Staircase

Our range of Oak staircase styles is ever growing, from contemporary steel and timber, to the more traditional timbers, or the most popular oak and glass finish! We have a set range of designs, but all of these can be customised to suit our clients taste, making our service completely 100% bespoke. Mr and Mrs Chauhan of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire chose this lovely Oak and Glass Open Plan staircase for their new home. Here the is the journey they took with First Step Designs.

Bespoke Oak and Glass Staircase

Once the Chauhan family sent their plans to the team at First Step Designs, a variety of quotations and designs were created. To start we always need to see the architects plans of the property if it is a new build, or photos of the existing staircases if we are looking for replace the current staircase. We would not dream of manufacturing from these drawings, but they are perfect for us to put together an initial design and quotation.

Following this, we visit the clients to share our design work, share samples of our products and formalise the quotation so it is 100% accurate. It is rare our quotations are not 100% correct, but if the architect’s plans are inaccurate we may need to revisit pricing if necessary.

Our initial design was a steel, glass and oak staircase as shown above. After the consultation, we decided that this particular staircase was a little too contemporary for the family home that the Chauhan family had in mind. So we decided to remove all steel components and replace with the warm and gentle features of a European White Oak instead. Before this decision was made, we always provide detailed 3D drawings to ensure the clients are 100% happy with their decision. Buying a feature staircase of this calibre will only typically happen once for the majoirty of people… make sure you choose the perfect design.

3D Staircase Design

Once the design was revised and explained, the Chauhan family placed the order!

We manufacture all our staircases in-house, using state of the art 5 axis CNC machines to ensure every staircase is picture perfect, each and every time.

This particular staircase is made under the following specifcation:

32mm European White Oak Stings

40mm European White Oak Treads, finished with an Anti-Slip lacquer (as standard on all staircases)

In-line Toughened glass sub risers and balustrades

90×90 European White oak Newel Posts

European White Oak Flat Caps

Apron cladding throughout both floors (the vertical section between the ceiling and upper floor)

Glass sub risers allows maximum light to travel through the staircase, all the while complying with the building regulation that states:

 “… construct the steps so that a 100mm diameter sphere cannot pass through the open risers”

There are a variety of options available to comply with this regulation such as an L shaped tread, a steel riser bar or even a feature 100mm-120mm tread that closes the gap below 100mm.

In-line Glass Balustrade

In-line glass balustrades give the illusion of no balustrade. The use of seamless, sleek balustrades helps to increase the amount of light that floods throughout the entrance hallway. This brings out the detailing in other aspects of the family home. Keep the glass clean to achieve the ultimate contemporary staircase finish, with minimal detailing, becoming the centerpiece of any home.

All designs can be edited to suit your taste. Why not give our design team a call today to discuss your project!

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