Oak and Glass Staircase Renovation | Feature Steps Case Study

Finding the right glass staircase to complete your home renovation project is crucial for setting off your home in its best light. As the first point of entry into the home, the staircase is a feature which needs to be given as much consideration as any other space in the home.

At First Step, we have a wealth of experience built up over generations in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke staircases that complement the home and provide a stylish designer finish to any home renovation project.

Our comprehensive service will take you through the process of fitting the service from vision to design, manufacture and implementation. We work with our clients, builders and project managers to ensure that the finished product is in keeping with all the necessary regulations and that you are satisfied with the end result 

Glass Staircase renovations

Today, many people opt for oak and glass in their staircase renovation projects. With its warm, solid appearance, oak is the classic building material while glass panels reflect light illuminating the darkest of interiors. Together this oak-glass combination provides the perfect materials for bringing a classic elegant look to a home.

With this in mind, Mr and Mrs Riley of Congleton, Cheshire employed our services to design, plan and implement their staircase renovation. Careful consideration was given to each element and how to transform it whilst keeping the existing treads and framework. The first stage was to add large embedded glass panels in order to reflect light from the large windows on the staircase and the landing balustrade – illuminating and opening up the previously dark ascent to the first floor.

Secondly, a short balustrade from the bottom of the stairs was replaced with two feature oak steps. This opened up the staircase, making it approachable from another angle and providing an elegant sweeping statement to the hallway.

Next, carpet was planned to staart after the quarter turn- this provided added comfort whilst being cleverly concealed so as to give the impression that the whole staircase was made of oak.


Finally, cladding was applied to the sides of the staircase- cleverly concealing the strings and giving the impression that the staircase was entirely new rather than a renovation of the existing one.

These changes have transformed their old, outdated staircase into a bespoke feature which teams in beautifully with the rest of the new oak interior in their home. The new staircase provides an elegant focal point upon entry- welcoming visitors to the home. 

The Riley’s are delighted with their renovation. As Mrs Riley says, “our new staircase teams up beautifully with the rest of the renovation and sets off our home in its best light. We would wholeheartedly recommend the services provided by first steps and the craftmanship provided by their team if you are looking for a professional service for your renovation project.”

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