New staircase design, layout and staircase renovation

Should I renovate or replace my existing staircase?

The first step in realising that your existing staircase needs bringing back to life lies within giving our talented team of designers a call. We have a ever expanding range oak staircase renovation products and services that have the ability to refurbish an old dated staircase to make it the focal point of any home. However when renovating we are limited to work with the staircase that is already installed, so there are certain limitations in place. But if you are looking for a completely new designer staircase our team can get really creative and design a solution bespoke to you and your needs, we do it all!

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New Staircase designs

If you do not feel you can achieve the desired style from your existing staircase (e.g. you want an open staircase and your staircase is currently closed or perhaps you want to achieve a floating effect from your staircase) then we can begin the design process for a new staircase. We have a designer range of new staircases that can be adapted for almost any layout, but every design is unique. So give us a call and you will be connected with our in house design team and assigned a personal designer, this is where the fun starts!

We will discuss ideas that you are looking to achieve to define your interior, not only from our designer range but feel free to send us ideas that you have found on social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz etc… One of a kind ideas are what makes our company so special, we take on all challenges, to ensure our clients are 100% happy with their new staircase without any compromise.

 Zag new staircase CAD

 Zag new staircase with glass

Our designer staircase Zag can replace almost any staircase layout without the need of any structural work needed!

New Staircase Layout

The majority of the time, the staircase layout that you currently have in your home is the most suitable for the space, but their are plenty of options when coming to change the layout of your staircase to accommodate  your needs. A lot of time this can be done without any major work to the house. The one thing you do need is a qualified staircase designer… that’s where we come in. Using the latest specialised staircase software, we can design new staircases for your home to fit in the existing space and to comply with all current building regulations. Some times this may not be necessary, but when we see certain scenarios and we know our designers can help, we are not usually one to bite our tongues!

Before staircase design

Staircase renovation option

Staircase renovation option landing

Mr and Mrs Williamson had a lovely staircase gallery in their home but was ruined from the staircase design. We could either renovate, replace or reinvent the space so we decided to show the options for all three! The main issue with the existing layout is the large amount of plasterboard that faces you as soon as you enter the home, this is wasted space and restricts the light flow within the house, additionally it takes up more room than necessary… We re designed the layout of the staircase and added a whole new specification…. the results speak for themselves!

New Staircase design optionNew Staircase design option landing

The redesign opens up the entrance hallway and makes the staircase the focal point of the landing and entrance hall. We have combined our Open and Close flights to utilise some storage space under the first half of the staircase and then opened the flight fully to allow the light to flood throughout the ground floor. Still in keeping with building regulations, this large bulky staircase has now been redefined and brought into the 21st century.

How much does this staircase cost?

The renovation option here includes:

Replacement solid oak newel posts throughout.

Toughened embedded glass balustrades and designer oak rails.

Full landing renovation with glass.

Full string cladding (sides of staircase), to achieve that new solid oak staircase finish.

Replacement bullnose first step

Every aspect of the staircase can be personalised to suit the clients taste.

This renovation is available at £5,780+VAT


The new staircase design and layout includes:

Full solid Oak construction throughout!

A mixture of Open and Close staircase models to achieve the finish.

Toughened embedded glass balustrades and designer oak rails.

Toughened glass subrisers to conform to current building regulations

Curved feature string with Large curtail feature step.

Perfect CNC manufacture, prefabricated before installation.

Every aspect of the staircase can be personalised to suit the clients taste.

This new staircase is available at £9,520+VAT


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