Metal Framed Staircase with oak and Glass | Case Study

For any apartment renovation project, selecting the right staircase to maximise the use of the available space and complement the interior decor can be a tricky business.

Choosing the Perfect Staircase

Fortunately, there is help out there as Mr and Mrs Lawrence of Maida Vale, London discovered after searching for ideas online. Inspired by images on Pinterest, they found First Step Designs a specialist staircase designer with a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and implementing staircases. Our comprehensive professional service provided them with the exceptional quality and high standard of service that they expected.

Firstly, our client selected a number of styles using the online style selector which were then shared with the team allowing them to put together a design and quotation the same day. This was promptly followed by a consultation with our designer, Nathaniel, whose professional service and thorough attention to detail soon raised up an issue with the headroom in the architect’s plan. This was immediately highlighted and rectified, working closely with the builders to install a drop landing. This was crucial in ensuring that the staircase design would fit comfortably and comply with UK building regulations. 

Once this issue was resolved, the Lawrence family placed their order and our designer returned once the drop landing was in position for a final survey before production.

Staircase Design Service

In terms of design, the client opted for a closed string open plan steel staircase. This structure allows light to travel throughout the property, making the smallest of spaces appear larger. The decision was made to curve the upper and lower ends of the strings (the sides of the staircase) in order to create a fluid turn and creating a cleaver helical effect and giving this staircase its unique look.

The materials used were also carefully selected. Steel was used for the strings with oak treads and polished handrail and finally the glass balustrades. This combination provided a solid structure that allows light to illuminate the room.

A Staircase to match

In terms of colour, a granite grey was applied to the strings to match the existing radiators in the home. The treads of European white oak were stained with a dove grey finish to compliment the new timber flooring upstairs. Finally, a stained rail, matching the strings and contrasting with the treads was installed allowing the staircase to blend in with its surroundings.

All in all, this resulted in a beautiful piece of craftmanship that is fit for purpose as well as being a stunning piece of bespoke architecture.

First Step Designs Review

As Mrs Lawrence says:

“We are more than delighted with the staircase design and the workmanship. The staircase is a beautiful feature that cleverly maximises the use of space and allows light to flow through the apartment. We are really impressed with the high quality and professional service provided by First Step Designs and would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional staircase design and installation company.”