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Metal and Glass staircases

Here at First Step Designs we can manufacture almost any style of metal staircase. We love to take on new challenges that some clients present to us. But the designer metal staircase range is becoming one of our most popular products. Due to properties of steel we are able to create magnificent designs without the need of structural work! Merging metal for the structural aspect of the staircase, with the warmth of real wood, we have a winning combination!

Metal Staircase Designs

The King family were building a spectacular modern home in the heart of Ludlow. The architect had focused upon the idea of a centerpiece staircase in their open plan living space. Typically on a staircase layout with a half landing, most clients would build a storage cupboard underneath this point… if they are short on space, Mr and Mrs King did not have this issue. We decided to keep the staircase completely open all around in order keep the kitchen, living space and entrance hallway all one open plan space. This finish is not usually available when mae with wood, a metal staircase is the solution.

The beauty of working with steel comes from its structural properties. Using the block wall and the steel beam holding up the upstairs floor, we were able to cantilever (float) the staircase with no posts required like on normal timber staircases. Giving the staircase that extra wow factor.

Free Staircase Design

After quoting Mr and Mrs King, we visited site with samples and drawings of the staircase. We always present a couple of ideas, but after the telephone consultation, it was clear what kind of design the Kings were looking for. A steel floating staircase, with frameless glass balustrades and Oak treads. A winning combination.

The architect actually planned a design that would not allow for the adequate headroom to pass building regulations, so upon survey we changed the design to suit and explained our changes to the client and the tradesmen on site, to ensure the installation would run smoothly.

We merged the two designs in order to have the perfect Metal Staircase Design.

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Following the sale/survey we will always provide an interactive 3D model of your staircase once your designer has finished the drawings for manufacture. This shows to a perfect scale the exact finish of your staircase for you to give us the final thumbs up to head into production.

Steel Staircase Manufacturer

During our production, once all components have been manufactured we perform a test installation of the staircase so we can double check that we are happy with the final design. This allows our team to perform the actual installation that much more quickly and efficiently.

Once we are happy with every component, all metal parts are to be sandblasted and 1000 hour salt spray tested, to ensure the finish can be to the highest quality and corrosion is never an issue. Following this, we immediately go to powder coating before the steel oxidises for that flawless finish!

Metal Staircase Installation

The installation of this project was complete in three and a half days with a team of 5 men for the steel installation and a team of 2 men for the joinery and timber components.

The beauty of designing the entire product on a staircase specialist CAD system means that once we assembled the components, no cutting on a site is necessary! We design our staircases to be assembled with the ultimate ease for our teams.

All timber components are finished with 4 coats of 5% matte clear lacquer, applying the ultimate protection to the wood of your choice. We even finish all steps with an anti-slip finish for safety.

All of our glass balustrades are toughened and polished. Each panel has a small kite mark in the corner to prove this for your building inspectors. They even show a serial number that you can trace the date and time that the panel was toughened!

Clients often worry about the cleaning aspect of glass, but there is no need to worry! Most staircases in the UK have a wooden spindle of some sort, these gather more dust and dirt over the years than glass. To clean our glass balustrades all you require is everyday glass cleaner, or an anti-smear glass wipe from a top brand, taking minutes to clean those fingerprints away and you will be left with a dazzling staircase balustrade.

Grey Metal and Glass Staircase

All the steel components were powder coated to RAL 7016 (anthracite grey) that is very popular amongst windows. The majoirty of our clients go for a white or an Anthracite finish to create a contrast between the metal and wood components of the staircase.

The American White Oak treads are finished with a 5% matte lacquer and then coated with an anti-slip lacquer for safety.  Some customers worry about having solid timber treads due to slipping or falling, with our anti-slip lacquer this is a problem of the past. There is now no requirement for carpets or runners on the staircase, expose the beautiful timber and flaunt it to all house guests.

All glass panels are toughened and polished to pass all current building regulations and British Safety Standards. There are a variety of styles available, clear, low iron, grey tinted, bronzed etc… Just choose your finish and let us do the rest!

A lot of clients thrive to have the frameless glass finish without a handrail, this is not a problem at all but some building control officers do request a handrail to be fitted for extra comfort and safety. We have a selection of handrails to choose from and install these in a continuous fashion so the comfort factor flows elegantly through the entire staircase.

This particular staircase design was available upon an 8 week lead time and took just over 3 days to install to perfection! What a performance from the First Step Designs team!

Do you want  a sculptural masterpiece that doubles as a staircase in your home? Why not get in touch today and let us get to know your project and offer free professional advice!

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