How much does a Metal Staircase Cost? | See our recent Quotations

With such an extensive range of metal staircases available, it is often very difficult to predict exactly how much every staircase will cost. We can design our staircases to the highest degree of customization with different layouts, specifications, materials, and structural factors, so giving an estimate without deciding this is next to impossible. However, today we want to share some of our recent quotations for a handful of different bespoke staircase designs.

Metal Staircase Design and Quotation

We provide a no-obligation design and quotation service from our office typically complete within 24 hours, we don’t take the traditional salesmen approach. So instead you speak directly with the technical designers themselves. This allows us to cut out the middle man,  keeping our prices competitive and it’s the peace of mind for our clients to deal with a single designer throughout the whole process. 

What do we need for a quotation… It all depends on what type of project your working on. If it is a new build we always recommend sending your architects plans to a member of the design team as they can instantly let you know which designs are suitable for your build. If your working on a renovation project and you don’t have any plans available, photographs and maybe a couple of basic measurements should do the trick (we survey ourselves so do not worry about being 100% accurate). If you are ever unsure of something, give us a quick call to make sure we get your quote 100% right the first time.

Using current building regulations in combination with your plans (or measurements) we can generate an accurate quotation for you and our customers, It also allows us to quickly determine if a certain type of staircase will or won’t fit into the space that has been designed.

Since we ensure all our designs are compliant with UK building regulations, we can use this data alongside your plans to generate an accurate quotation for our clients. This also allows us to quickly determine if a certain type of staircase will function in the selected space. We can also advise early into your build if any spaces need to be made larger or smaller… Get in touch at an early stage of your build to avoid disappointment

In order to give our potential clients a more detailed insight into our designer staircases, we have put together some past quotations of our most popular metal staircase designs, including the prices. (note all prices are subject to survey, design, location and a variety

Spine Staircase cost

The Evans family had started their new build in south Wales when they decided they need a staircase that created more of an impact and complimented their beautiful slate feature wall.

The family opted for our Spine design featuring one of a kind, 110mm solid oak treads imported from Italy, toughened and polished glass balustrades and a large landing gallery to match. A custom stain was also created to finish the treads to compliment the flooring effectively.

Total Cost: £21,700 +VAT

(balustrade charged separately)

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Metal and Glass Open Staircase Cost

Working on a loft conversion the Lawrence family were looking for a staircase that was eye-catching yet allowed the space to appear as open as possible. While originally after a Spine staircase, weight and space restrictions limited their options. Upon receiving our brochure the Lawrence family fell in love with our steel staircase range with one particular standout. An open plan steel staircase with curved section strings.

With the space restrictions, our designers put together a slightly tapered tread system which accentuated the curved strings creating a sweep to this one of a kind staircase.

Total Cost: £16,520 +VAT

(balustrade charged separately)

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Metal and Glass Cut String Staircase Cost

The new build Urquhart family home was all but complete when we heard from them, the only missing element was their staircase. After looking through some of the options available to them they opted to go for the Trim style staircase. A modern interpretation of a classic cut string staircase with frameless glass balustrades.

Using contrasting colours the staircase would create a stunning centerpiece with a full landing viewing gallery.

Total Cost: £13,960 +VAT

(balustrade charged separately)

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Modern Steel Staircase Design Cost

The Vernon family were looking for a staircase to suit their new extension. Using a combination of our chunky Oak treads and Trim stringer design our designers created a beautiful stand out staircase. Mr Vernon was keen to achieve a contemporary yet industrial look which inspired the steel spindle balustrade throughout the staircase and landing.

Total Cost: £25,120 +VAT

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Designer Staircase Range

Included in all of our new metal staircase quotations are:

  • Full design including CGI visuals of potential staircase style.
  • Technical Survey
  • French polishing
  • Shot Blasting and Powder Coating
  • Installation
  • 10 Year Warranty

Are you looking for your own metal staircase design? Why not get in touch today and let us get to know your project and offer free professional advice!

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